kritzkom and Aschka (and guest from another species) are back with another hour of Female Frequencies. Tonight we feature a piece by AGF about underground fungal networks as an analogy for activism. We also play some preview tracks from the ...Read More

Tracklist Silvia Kastel - Generosity Of Particles Mimicof - Spins Wild Anima - L’âme des oiseaux Red Pig Flower - Space Jazz kritzkom - Carbon Cycle Heather Celeste - Triangular Objekts Links Notes Aschka and kritzkom present female frequencies #21. We’re super happy to have Aiko Okamoto with us ...Read More

Rona Geffen, kritzkom and Aschka get together for our 20th show and post Women’s Day edition of Female Frequencies. We’re super excited to share some more music by women everywhere, including some edgy pop songs, a new compilation from French ...Read More

For the first show of 2017, Female Frequencies presents more amazing work by female electronic musicians, including one of Kaltès’ debut productions, upcoming Miko and kritzkom tracks, and music by Cherushii, Melania . and Nadia Botello. Also announcing the Unheard ...Read More

On location at Ostkreuz, Berlin. Rona Geffen Kritzkom and Aschka play out some new electronic tunes from women around the world. We talk with Kritzkom about her solo project and Miko, her collaboration with Sonja Cvitkovic. Rona tells us a ...Read More

with kritzkom, Rona Geffen and Aschka Explore the rich and diverse musical creations and productions of women across the world – from experimental Electronica to Techno, from Africa to Iceland. Read More

Tonight kritzkom, Rona Geffen and Aschka share material from their new releases and announce a few of their own upcoming performances and additional events organized by female:pressure members. Plus music from Viy, Vera Bremerton's project dedicated to the victims of ...Read More

Rona Geffen, kritzkom and Aschka spend an hour with special guest Sky Deep, talking about her label Reveller Records, collaborative projects and own productions. Featuring music from the soundtrack for the new documentary film “When we are together we can ...Read More

Rojava Special: Hosts Rona Geffen, kritzkom and Aschka present tracks by artists from the international female:pressure network submitted for the Rojava awareness and solidarity campaign. Also featuring an interview with Antye Greie-Ripatti, the initiator and driving force behind this revealing, ...Read More

Welcome again to another hour of amazing female electronic music makers. Female Frequencies showcases the works of talented women around the world. This time, hosts Rona Geffen, Kritzkom and Aschka talk to special guest Borusiade. Also featuring ...Read More