Sound Of The System #31 - Space Odyssey w/ Plastique de Rêve playlist: Alan Hawkshaw: Eternity Alan Hawkshaw: Terrestrial Fanfare K. Kovach: Meteorite Joël Vandroogenbroeck: Future World Kerry Beaumont: Floating Free Rick Miller: Future Directions Harry Forbes: Calculator Brad Smith: Intercity-1 Joël Vandroogenbroeck: Digital Song Joël Vandroogenbroeck: Romantic Program Joël Vandroogenbroeck: Computer ...Read More

Jammin’ Sam Miller: Mama Bird (Donkey Kong Country OST) Dario Dell’Aere: Eagles In The Night Soma Holiday: Shake Your Molecules (The Neutron Dance) Mufti: Replicate The Phenomenal Handclap Band: You’ll Disappear (Ilya Santana Remix) Boys’ Shorts: New Era (Extended Instrumental Mix) Amarcord feat. Al Tutt: More ...Read More

Steril: Reprise Model 500: Neptune E-Troneek Funk: God Called Me To Preach Beroshima: Interplugreaction Inaqui Marin: Automato Speedy J: Pepper Love Club: Das Rote Haar (Remix) Ken Ishii: Pop Gun Gigi Galaxy: Gigi Galaxy Future Perfect: Sato Agrepo Aphrodisiac: Song Of The Siren IVM2: Planetarium The Bionaut: A Man And His Dog ...Read More

Videogram: In 2077 A.D. (Spoken Intro) Dean Hurley: Dissension Anthony Manning: Chromium Nebulae The Transcendence Orchestra: Humans as vessels for a suite of corporate dream delivery services Rapoon: Vernal Crossing Aphex Twin: Blur Muslimgauze: Arab Jerusalem Yoann Pisterman: Storm II Die Form: Archives & Documents 9 / Sounds Of ...Read More

The Detroit Escalator Company: Abstract Forward Movement Peza: Poison Shout Sheitan Brothers & S3A: Jungun Awesome Orientalists From Europa: How=Kif (Edit) George T & Johnny Aux: Back Butch : Quiet Storm Paul Rutherford: Get Real (Robert Babicz Remix) Brotherhood Of Structure: We Are Structure Mandala : The Acid ...Read More

Andrew Claristidge & Plastique De Rêve Andrew Claristidge: Silver Horse (Stephen Hawking Tribute Soundtrack Edit)  XOR Gate: Conic Sections Soundwalk Collective: We Are Not Alone Dopplereffekt: Scientist The Mover: Stars Collapse WPAC: Attack On Santa Fe (Luke Eargoggle Remix) Future Is Now: Future Is Now Soundwalk Collective: We Are Not Alone Woob: 新 プログラム ...Read More

tracklist: Marie Madeleine: Love Suicide - Acid Arab Remix RFX: Buppa Buppa Jack N’ Chill: Beatin’ The Heat Housy Rachid: Harem Party Tjade: Koi Jaye - Edit Bellyhouse: Harem Disko Party - Majestic Mix Awesome Orientalists From Europa: Qu’est-ce Qu’Arabe? - Edit Hamid Al Shaeri: Wekatabtek - Aaron ...Read More

Plastique De Rêve - soundtrack for “La Planète Brûle” climate strike demo, United Nations / Geneva, Oct. 22nd 2021 Whales sequence 1 The Gyuto Monks Of Tibet: Bodihicitta / Rain Thunder sequence 1 Woob: Horizon Vectors Woob: On Earth / Whales sequence 2 / Underwater sequence / Starling ...Read More

Plastique De Rêve & Andrew Claristidge b2b one shot vinyl mix broadcast live on - 02.10.2021 tracklist: 阝70: Le Temps Est Comme Un Cercle Qui Tournerait Sans Fin L’Âge Synthétique: Je Suis Electrique Pillow Queen: She’s Hot Magic Consumer Watchdawgz: Untitled 2 David ...Read More

Francis Lai: Bilitis Amevicious: Lost In Love Cerrone: La Secte De Marrakesh (Brigade Mondaine 2 OST) Pino Donaggio: Telescope (Body Double OST) Jan Hammer: Don’t You Know – Jimi Bazzouka Edit Sylvester: I Need Somebody To Love Tonight Cerrone: La Corruption (Brigade Mondaine 2 OST) Ennio Morricone: ...Read More