Jumping in for tonight. Tracklist: Syd Barret - Golden Hair (Instrumental) Chic - I want your Love (instrumental remix) Shina Williams & His African Percussionists - Agboju Logun Helen - Zanzibar The Pool - Jamaica Running Francis Bebey - New Track David Matthews - Dune Part II Sandworms Lonnie ...Read More

Puls - Günter Schickert The Windmill - Perry Leopold Paris - Tapiman 54 Conection - Jean-Pierre Massiera Don't Play That Game - Klaus Weiss Rumpus - Alan Parker Ocean Song - Sunbirds L'Ereo ...Read More

Tracklist: 1 Jupiter's 528Hz Connection (Solfeggio & binaural beats) 2 Three Girls - Stargard (1978) 3 Secret Friend - Paul McCartney (1980) 4 Generation (edit) - Anarchic System (1975) 5 Waltz ...Read More

Disco and beyond Tracklist: In the Summer (1972) - Terry Riley Macula Transfer (1976) - Edgar Froese Green Ray (1976) - Zanov Walpurgis Night (1976) – Scope Robert's Theme (1974) - Franco Micalizzi The Moving Finger (1970) - Dorothy Ashby Psychastenie (1968) - Serge Gainsbourg The Prowler (1977) - ...Read More

Cosmic Space Funk Kraut Disco 1 In The Summer - Terry Riley 2 OS 452 - Edgar Froese 3 green ray - zanov 4 Walpurgis Night - SCOPE 5 Bargain with the Devil Pt 2 - Franco Micalizzi 7 The moving finger - Dorothy ...Read More

Space Station - Theo Parrish Cosmic Sound Orchestra - Fly Some Funk Up To The Moon Free And Easy (Instrumental) - Plush Zwei(Dub Version) - Electric mind The Land Of Hunger (Dub Version) - Earons The Kee ...Read More

Mandrell Ape is high Baby Sinister SLAVE Timothy McNealy / Sagittarius Black Timothy McNealy Magic (Instrumental Version) Circle City ...Read More

Disco ist eine Stilrichtung der Popmusik, die um 1975 zu einem eigenständigen Musikgenre wurde. Texte, Melodie und oft auch der Gesang treten bei Disco-Musik in den Hintergrund; Tanzbarkeit, Groove, ein Beat von etwa ...Read More

the sixth (!) installment of syncopated bass, studio wizardry, detuned analogue synths, funky guitars and clavinets, and lovely tunes makes electric dance music, taken from the internet's collective vinyl archives mainly from 1978 ...Read More

01. John Cage - [The Seasons #03] The Seasons: Prelude II, Spring 02. The Animated Egg - [Guitar Freakout #09] Sock It My Way 03. Mobb Deep& 39;s Up North Trip (Instrumental ReMake) 04. Le ...Read More