Ice FM - Dead Palm Trees - Our Odd Summer Compilation Summer is coming.  Ice FM offers "Dead Palm Trees", its odd summer compilation with a few unreleased & new tracks from anticipated compilations (the next Modeselektor one, ...Read More

Here is a free dive into a psychopath and a recidivist killer mind, Gerald Kargl’s “Angst” OST adaptation, remade by Ice FM resident Max Fraisier-Roux. Frightning layers, nervous abstract techno, weird industrial-electro, dark-gloomy-rock, haunted voices. Hang on. Liaisons Dangereuses - ...Read More

"This is the second part of our never-ending music journey dedicated to apocalypse mythology. In this part, we deal with the primal and psychotic fear of the apocalypse, related to the “Take Shelter” soundtrack and poetry. Ambient, ...Read More

An initiatory mix through times and music. When history sounds different from someone to another, when music creates and kills with the words of Jean Genet or Derrick May, a peacefull depression, ...Read More

LIVE FEED AVAILABLE REVISITED by MAX FRAISIER-ROUX (ICE FM) Ice FM takes you on a dark schizophrenic trip far from earth through deserted lunar landscapes, spacecrafts solitude, with the adaptation of cult movie Moon, directed ...Read More

When Ennio Morricone soundtracks and other western spaghetti classics meet The Dead Texan ambient & other experimental sounds… This show is a disturbing journey across the wild West past. But it also deals with our western sound representation and explores ...Read More

In a timeless cold winter, as we drive from London to Bristol we’ll travel through three decades of dark electronic feelings. Inspired by “Radio On”, directed by Christopher Petit (1979). A fine selection of dark european spirit and extracts mixed ...Read More

This soundtrack is a declaration of love to undead people personified in Otto, main zombie character of Bruce LaBruce’s “Otto, up with dead people”. Tense experimental electro-techno, and also melancholic vaporous tracks, even pop rock insertions, linked up with dialogues ...Read More

Ice FM revisits its show "Orizzonte Fatale" based on the first Dario Argento movie from his animal trilogy : L’uccello dalle piume di cristallo (1970). Italian old school downbeat or Bossa, sham grooves, invalid or disturbing soundtracks but also ...Read More

There is a chance for you to reach the highest spheres and die while contemplating the face of God. Beware of the Devil, though, for he awaits you and expects your fall. “You wear guilt like a halo in reverse” ...Read More