We should have started from this: the sky. A window without a sill, frame, or pane. An opening and nothing more, but open wide. I need not wait for a clear night nor crane my neck to examine the ...Read More

It doesn’t matter. One doesn’t care. One doesn’t say it out loud because it’s rare For anyone to be willing to say it, Because it’s the equivalent of buying billboard space to display it, Display how horrible life after death ...Read More

There is this song from my youth that goes: "there are only moments in life that are important" it comes back to me now and then, as if because what we remember are ...Read More

This morning roaming through the Sunday Market in Beirut - Lebanon, Music thanks to Rajwa. Sound of the city. I am not talking as there is nothing to talk about today. Old man ...Read More

Don't we all have this feeling of being watched (sometime), followed by someone - or everyone. What would you prefer to be followed by National Security Agency or by Blixa Bargeld? You see ...Read More

It is or it has only be possible on internet. Now we know it was a fake, an impression that in last two weeks gone with some smoke. Not that it is not possible - it is totally possible if ...Read More

If you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much space, theoretically this is a very attractive thought. What if you were living in the very centre and this centre was the opposite to the concept we know, ...Read More

This time alot of music - much more then usual, went through the wave of nostalgia standing on the top of the roof of the roof of the Casa Poporului in Bucharest - in another words the palace of Ceaușescu. ...Read More

This little sound intervention is about breathing, that's all, what else would you like to know? ... breathing, take a breath and tune in. Read More

The science is looking meticulously for the explanation of the beginning of the universe, what does it means if you happen to be women? it means you might not come back home tonight regardless of these scientific explorations and findings. ...Read More