On this edition of Meditate and Manifest with Katie Otro, Katie features Hollywood doctor Dr. Matea. Matea performs playing a crystal a bowl made of emeralds and sings to envoke light and love Read More

Meditate and maifest with Katie Otro. In this weeks show, Katie features the third part of a four part series with Dr. Matea. "Live in Peace" is performed and sung by Matea using amytheyst cystal singing bowls. This powerful meditation envokes peace ...Read More

Meditate and Manifest with Katie Otro and special guests. This week Katie features Los Angeles doctor and healer, Dr. Matea. She performs a meditation with crystal and gold bowls called, "Live in Abundance”. This meditation is designed to brings in prosperity and light. www.drmatea.com Read More

Katie introduces her first series of sound heal shows with special guest, Dr. Matea (www.drmatea.com). In this week's show Matea uses a crystal bowl made of rose quartz to calm and usher you into deep relaxation. Healing with the Love ...Read More