Radio Spaetkauf is Berlin's news update in English. Tonight: The old Spreepark has been bought by the city for €2M, ending years of uncertainty about its ownership. It is now likely to be resold and reopened as a theme park. What ...Read More

Radio Spätkauf is Berlin's English-language news programme. This week: Did you sign the Tempelhof petition? If you're not German, you weren't entitled to, as only citizens are allowed to have a say at regional and national elections and referendums. We talk ...Read More

On this episode of Radio Spätkauf: as Berlin's building boom continues, will a new mega-hotel in Neukölln eclipse the skyscraper planned for Alexanderplatz? Does Marzahn really need a ski lift? And was a branch of Netto sacrificed for a higher ...Read More

On this episode, we interview a Japanese man who was attacked in Kurfurstendamm. Instead of seeking to punish his assailant, he attempted to offer him a job. In other news, the city government is cracking down on ...Read More

Radio Spaetkauf is Berlin's English-language news and interview podcast. Tonight we bring you an update on the Tempelhof petition intiative: the movement against development on the former airport has gained enough signatures to trigger ...Read More

On the first episode of Radio Spaetkauf for 2014, the Ordnungsamt has introduced a new fine for throwing sneakers over dangling wires or posts. It'll cost you €30 if you're caught. So don't ...Read More

On this week's Radio Spätkauf: Berlin city's scientists have warned Christmas market shoppers to beware of bad glühwein. After testing market stalls, they found 8.6 per cent of mulled wine is not what ...Read More

Berlin's fast-rising rents may be slowed by two political developments. The federal coalition between the CDU and SPD has promised to put in new controls on rental prices. Even new rental contracts, which have previously been uncapped, ...Read More

Good news if you take the U6: as of today the line is reconnected. However users of the north-south S-Bahn line nearby will be disappointed to learn that the tunnel will ...Read More

It's referendum time in Berlin. The city is voting whether to de-privatize the electricity grid, although international residents cannot take part. Another referendum is looming next year, this one about the future of Tempelhof airport park, and ...Read More