On this show, we will be playing an interview from a group called, The Truth Booth. Maisie went along to meet them and find out about the project, how it ...Read More

On this episode of Radio Spaetkauf, how did your district vote in the election? Hear Andrew and Maisie reveal some pretty expected results. We discover a chance to rent Angela Merkel's old flat ...Read More

Don't worry, that "Go Home Tourrorists" election poster was only a joke by one of Germany's many satirical parties - although it might have been a viable vote-winner if it were real. The ...Read More

How desperate are Berliners to find an apartment? On this episode of Radio Spätkauf we discuss a new real estate option for those who can't find a flat - a one-room ...Read More

Görlitzer Park is the feature of this broadcast. One political party, the CDU, think the park has become dangerous and want to close it each night from 11pm to 5am. Another party, the Greens, want to open a Dutch-style marijuana ...Read More

It's election time, and Berlin's streets are full of political posters. We visit a meeting of the Pirate Party to learn more about who they are and what they stand for. Police have been conducting raids on Görlitzer Park. One organization, ...Read More

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On this episode of Radio Spätkauf: Imagine an advertisement-free Berlin? The Amt für Werbefreiheit & Gutes Leben can. We talk to them about their campaign for an ad-free Berlin. Plus the mysterious forces at work behind the aborted auction of the ...Read More

On this episode the Berlin podcast goes to Brandenburg. Maisie, Joel and Andrew visit a dilapidated former DDR summer camp and collect several stories and songs on location. The summer camp, Klingemühle in the Schlaubetal nature reserve, is being maintained ...Read More

Radio Spaetkauf is the Berlin podcast, a half-hour discussion of local news, politics, urban development, culture and music, presented by international residents Maisie, Joel and Andrew. This episode is a summer special, with some tips about getting out ...Read More