radio continental drift celebrates the art of listening and the power of storytelling in local recordings, especially on the African continent. The “dramatic” field-recordings are presented in playlists on the Internet Archive and shared under creative commons license with the ...Read More

Shasta Ellenbogen is a composer, improvisor and viola-player. Deeply rooted in the classical field her own compositions float between jazz, folk and classical. But she plays Ligeti or Hindemith by heard, which is very unusual. And she is not afraid ...Read More

YAYINBALIGI (Eine Orient Taxi Produktion) ist eine deutsch-türkische Sendung mit spannenden Themem und Gästen. Der Ansatz der Sendung entspringt dem Thema Der Weg und Unterwegssein. Damit ist gemeint nicht nur der Ortwechsel sondern auch eine kognitive Reise durch Erkenntnisse und ...Read More

Berlin, often called an open city is an interesting place full of historical nuances and tragic consequences. We the strangers seem to have chosen to come and live here i suppose because of the our ability to remain anonymous ...Read More

Playlist: Data Room – Photosphere – Ecke Pepe Bradock – A Bunch of Cephalophores – Imbroglios Part 3 – Atavisme Parris Mitchell - The Track Stars - Juke Joints Vol 2 – Deep Moves Rick Wilhite - Get on up! (Theo Parrish ...Read More

CHEAP is an art collective founded in Berlin in 2001 by Daniel Hendrickson, Susanne Sachsse and Marc Siegel. Permanent member: Vaginal Davis. Frequent collaborations with, among others, Phil Collins, Wilhelm Hein, Hannah Hurtzig, Bruce LaBruce and Xiu Xiu. CHEAP has ...Read More

In Italien bringt die 13 kein Unglück, sondern nur schieres Glück. Dafür ist die 17 ein schlechtes Omen. In der dreizehnten Sendung von Themepark geht es um Zahlen allgemein und um die 13 besonders. Zahlenmystik und Zahlentheorie, Teenager-Leid und Raumfahrtunfälle, ...Read More

Media Loca #53 KOOKOO X MEDIA LOCA „We Share the Moon, We Share the Stars…" July 2009 was the start of Mo Loschelder’s "Media Loca" booking agency, and at the very same moment in another part of Berlin Mieko Suzuki & Arno ...Read More

A Schallplattensee hatodik adása a magyarországi SKA helyzetet mutatja be. Besh O Drom - Amikor Én Még Kissrác Voltam (Illés) Budapest Voices - Hello Gagarin / A Tenkes Kapitánya (PASO) Mystery Gang - Nézz rám, megbabonázlak! (feat. Péterfy Bori) The Buttholes - Máról ...Read More

Operetta for madams, violin and electronica by Nina Dragičević. Nina Dragičević‘s composition “Ma‘am, there is no such thing in reality” opens up with a question. A question, or questioning, a doubt, this constitutive moment, this constitutive act of the enlightened subject, ...Read More