Makhtesh Ramon (scoll down for english text) Eine Nacht im weltweit größten Erosionskrater der Wüste Negev, Israel. Absolute Stille, außer den Geräuschen von Dingo´s die an unserem Zelt schnuppern nichts. Unwirkliche Träume und dann aufstehen. Es ist 4:00 Uhr morgens, aufstehen um pünktlich zum ...Read More

Francesco Giomi | KEVLAR Musical Improvisation for one live performer (2019) Francesco Giomi, radio and synthesizers Kevlar is an aramidic heat-resistant and strong synthetic fiber. Developed by Stephanie Kwolek at DuPont in 1965, this high-strength material was used first commercially in the early ...Read More

Audio guide on how to escape from annoying sounds. Produced by Ben Dratwicki, Lars Schmitz, Luca Piparo & Sandra Laborier Read More

It was early October, just a few weeks before the social explosion that rocked Chile in the whole length of its strange geography. An explosion that, in late November, resulted in over 20 deaths, hundreds of mutilated, thousands injured, an ...Read More

“It’s moving” – Alerte Niveau 5 [] Broadcast produced as part as Radio Panik (Brussels, Belgium) thematic program [] during November 2019 on the theme of Moving. Be part of these people who buy electronic products on aliexpress, killing small local business ...Read More

I based the idea on a very personal "return to self" which was symbolically but also quite literally connected to the sea as a place of my childhood, fascination with its sonic qualities and colour. This radio piece is imagined ...Read More

Space – We – Space. A binaural SoundWalk Composition The city is music. Daily sounds become extraordinary by a shift in perspective. Just get a little bit closer. Objects speaking. Resonance is anywhere. Listen. Let go. Drift. And find a wonderful, ...Read More

In Pantagruel Rabelais recounts the moment the bodies on the battlefield thaw he hears sounds, screams and onomatopoeia emitting from them. This image has always nourished my sound universe. I have tried to defrost my own sounds in different ...Read More

by Peter Haas for Radiofabrik Well – expectations of radio (seeing something?) and expectations of the arts (something beautiful?) and disappointments, respectively: such tight packages of overlays (the findings and the collected flotsam) so that it’s not that easy anymore…. But always ...Read More

Radis en Rats by Alain Rocourt & Baryline Tone editing version of an 80 minutes live session improvised on radio Jet fm (March 18th 2019) Alain Rocourt played different sounds objects, toys, scratching things and did the cut an editing stuff. Baryline Tone ...Read More