Holy Mary Sinners Wave A soundscape made with field recordings from the streets of Poilsh cities in protest and close listening to the technology and radio waves as a space of interference. Mixing fragments from performance based on the ...Read More

VOICES: Tilly-Juls Warwick Fullford Samaan Fieck Jane Michaelis Alan Steele Sheng Yan Peter Emptage Anatol Cricket Berri Hunter Thank you: Mark Groves, Sally Ann McIntyre, Treasure Hill Artist Village, W.G Fullford. Mastered by Joe Talia. Dedicated to W.G Fullford. +++ Fragments of these recordings first appeared: C.C.P, Bin Lang Tourism as part of Specimen, curated by Giles ...Read More

!Make Some Domestic Noise! is a collective online performance created in the context of the covid-19 lockdown. It can be described as an online domestic noise big band. As everyone was isolated at home, ∏ Node launched the Antivirus program ...Read More

Winter shades - Ecosons Étude II: Ecological Radio Artwork Director, Field Recordings and Sound Design: Sam Erpelding Speaker: Katrin (MacBook Pro - British english voice) Performers: different Soundscapes around Luxembourg [Pétange, Lasauvage, Prënzebierg, Garnich, Grass, Clemency, Bauschleiden] Concept: In a visually shaped world, little attention is ...Read More

Parahrono Time in isolation has turned into an amorphous mass. Repetitive housebound activities render even the most well-organised of us struggling to keep track of time. Desperately seeking to extract an iota of excitement, mundane occurrences are seen in new light. ...Read More

An Interview with Palestinian activist Maher alAkhras recorded on November 12, 2020. He reflects upon his 103 day hunger strike. Voice over and assistance: Liam Evans Interpreter: Samia Nasser Translation: Dareen Tatour and Samia Nasser Produced and moderated by Meira Asher Graphic art: David Oppenheim Thanks: ...Read More

Korhan Erel presents Scarecrow and We’re All Alike for broadcast on reboot.fm and the radia.fm network of cultural radios. The two works were originally produced as sound installations. Scarecrow is from a 2020 sound Installation with plastic water pipes, garden ...Read More

Useful Radio is a new radio mix focused on radio voices, citizen listening, and the intimacy of signals. Featuring collaborations with Joe Jeffers, Anna Friz, and Zeena Parkins. Track listing in order or appearance: Untitled by Jeff Kolar; Creepy Tipi ...Read More

What do invisible sounds fancy? by Philippe Petit « One morning when I woke up I heard a sound that I could not recognize, consequently I wondered about its origin, its existence and its possible correspondences. Our perception of a sound or ...Read More

schnelle musikalische hilfe presents: Mein tiefes Mitgefühl für diesen Ohrwurm schnelle musikalische hilfe is an imaginary institution that deals with small musical problems as an excuse to start debates on bigger or other variously sized problems. Every ear worm has a worm ...Read More