spaces to act or not by: Nelly Matorina I recently discovered Caroline Nevejan’s work on presence. In the piece 8 spaces to act or not, she divides presence into three parameters: now/not-now, here/not-here, you/not-you. I was taken by the option of now/here/not-you, ...Read More

First 100 Days for by Julia Drouhin and Campus Radio, Paris. Julia Drouhin has been working with sound since 2003. She has investigated the haunted air of ghost towns through phono-memory, conducts voodoo sessions with records made of chocolate or ...Read More

Hours after Hours by Samuel Longmore, for from Radio One 91FM. dunedin, new zealand This composition was recorded at night in six different rooms and liminal spaces within a certain building in central Auckland, New Zealand. The history, location and ...Read More

Nuit Libre by Naoual Fassal for Radio Grenouille, Marseille An attempt to work on hyper-stimulation’s impact on ourselves, and on the resulting mix of void and anxiety. This is not a technophobic production but an observation of the exhaustion that comes ...Read More

Pour l’émission 514, Jet FM donne Carte Blanche à Julien Quentel, plasticien nantais. Voici ce qu’il m’écrit à propos de sa pièce “La Promesse” 2008-2015 réalisée pour Radia : —Salut Anne-Laure Tout cela restera bien énigmatique, comme l’est d’ailleurs le noir de ...Read More

VHS tape loop in a magnetic field by Eddie Spanier & Black Monk (Radio Papesse) A closed circuit formed by a loop that exploits the digital technology in VHS and a magnetic field, activated by the magnets of a powered speaker ...Read More

“That thing about repetition, that I just keep finding in so many bits of my life” We visited the studios of craftspeople to learn more about their creative process, the materials they use, how they came to do what they do. ...Read More

A collaboration between Soundart Radio, Devon Guild of Craftsmen and the Community Media Association. Produced by Alice Armstrong, Chris Booth, Sarah Gray, Lucinda Guy, Chris Mockridge and Shannon Mockridge. “That thing about repetition, that I just keep finding in so many ...Read More

From a 100 days broadcast on the Landesgartenschau Gießen, datscharadio brought back an archive with audiofiles in a state of digital decomposition. the show takes three different depositories of audio material and traverses them to present an impossible algorithmic summary, ...Read More

For by Lucas Derycke Cara Cobaert & Maarten Coosemans Three master students of RITS radio department (Lucas Derycke Cara Cobaert & Maarten Coosemans) capture a space in the city through audio recordings. Afterwards they edit these field recordings (without ...Read More