schnelle musikalische hilfe presents: Mein tiefes Mitgefühl für diesen Ohrwurm schnelle musikalische hilfe is an imaginary institution that deals with small musical problems as an excuse to start debates on bigger or other variously sized problems. Every ear worm has a worm ...Read More

A show by the wiener radia kollektiv, Orange 94.0, Vienna Sounds Queer? Sounds Queer? was founded in 2014 by Zosia Hołubowska as a flying queer synthesizer laboratory and is now – with Adele Knall and Violeta Gil Martínez - a ...Read More

RADIO ECOLOGIES – LOST IN TRANSMISSION by KATE DONOVAN & GABI SCHAFFNER RADIO ECOLOGIES … is a Radio Art piece by Kate Donovan, 2020, with narration by Molly Donovan Higham. In this piece, radio is acknowledged as a natural as well as a ...Read More

Radio Cyborg Transmitter LIVE by Reni Hofmüller, Valentina Vuksic and Max Höfer (Radio Helsinki) Mix of rehearsals + soundcheck + concert + 'was wenn' Reni Hofmüller: Radio Cyborg Transmitter Information here. Valentina Vuksic: Tripping through runtime Electromagnetic improvisation with running code : a ...Read More

From Chaos to the Essential is a radiophonic piece made by Deserter c'est Créer, a french duo who started to play during the lockdown in France. She is a poet trying to find beauty in the mud of things. He captures sounds ...Read More

This sound piece is created with sounds recorded on the roads of Belgium, the Alps and Lapland. « Walking is the best way to go slower », says the philosopher Frédéric Gros. We need to find slowness again, to anchor our ...Read More

Radio adaptation of the vinyl record « Sounds of silence » by Matthieu Saladin, Patrice Caillet et Adam David. (Frac Franche-Comté / Alga Marghen, avec le soutien des éditions Incertain Sens, 2013) Radio Grenouille-Euphonia production team : Jean-Baptiste Imbert, Chloé Despax, Margaux Wartelle, ...Read More

Ayn Rand’s highly dubious novel ‘The Fountainhead’ has become a source of morbid fascination for us since entering lockdown - forming the basis for a research pathology driven at least in part by an urge to inoculate against certain worlds ...Read More

DIVersa_Nula – Thelmo Cristovam (2020) As a sound artist living in brazil, i bear in mind the idea of broadcasting. Distances spray along different lines and overlapping spatial identities. but there are fixed spaces which identity and segment this vast space ...Read More

Control - stories of epilepsy Control is a sonic journey through stories of people living with epilepsy. The composition was created in collaboration with the multimedia project A Life Electric, from which few stories were chosen and re-interpreted. The composition ...Read More