Show 486: miraculous agitations by Dan Wilson for Resonance FM Recorded in a single day, Dan Wilson introduces the possibilities of post-electronic music, taking the listener on a whistle-stop tour of trade waste bins with a view to discovering acoustic modules ...Read More

“Tksitevy” de Suzy Vincens Tksitevy – Suzy Vincens for Radio Campus Bruxelles Une première expérimentation d’un work in progress, présentée lors du festival Monophonic 2014 de l’acsr à Bruxelles, à l’invitation de Radio Moniek. Une performance polyphonique d’improvisation à partir d’une partition-poème ...Read More

For by Lona Kozik for Soundart Radio, Dartington Part 1. Imagine that we are speeding away from the Earth Part 2. Music of our Spheres Transmissions is a radio piece that seeks to listen to the past. It ...Read More

Variance V is a stereophonic retranscription of the 8 speakers broadcasted sound installation Variance IV (described below). By David Merlo. for Radio Campus, Brussels for The physical and multicasted space of Variance IV’s sound resonance becomes compacted in an abstract ...Read More

The new XL AIR contribution is a sample based homage to the brilliant work of musician and radio artist Felix Kubin. The piece is build up around various fragments, most of them taken from Kubin radio experiments and music productions, ...Read More

Jingled Jungle by Sara Lehn for, Berlin You’re listening to an investigation, no heavy manifesto. More than just radiolovers know about the potent entanglement of real stuff, radio and play. This piece is meant to be a massage to all immaterial ...Read More

BE scape by VMW (vincent Matyn-Wallecan) for Radio Panik Wether you’re about to, already have or will be listening to this piece, BE scape is a collage of recordings made at various places in Belgium on different moments over the past four ...Read More

Rectangular Grinder for by Wormradio, Rotterdam. Dr Klangendum tries to open an harddisk with a rectangular grinder and while doing so recording the sound and processing that live. His first attempt fails but the processed sounds form part ...Read More

For by Radio Orange, Vienna. Two people in a town of 2 millions found out that they both are connected to a tiny village in upper austria called St. Radegund. They decided to make a trip to their ...Read More

For from CFRC 101.9 FM Kingston This week’s Radia episode is brought to us by CFRC Kingston (Ontario, Canada) based artists Ben Labenski, Jonny Klynkramer, and Brendon Wilson. These guys make life a little breezier. he Radia ...Read More