What better way to know James Joyce than his invented words. He was born in Rathgar, on the outskirts of Dublin, in 1882. Although he spent much of his life living and working on the continent — he died in ...Read More

Title: ‘Stretch Limo’s’ en ‘Moeras’ (28:00) Text: Martin Reints Music & Sound: Martijn Comes Commissioned by: WORM Rotterdam / Klangendum Studios / Lukas Simonis In close cooperation with: Concertzender Nederland and Anette Kouwenhoven Special thanks to: Lukas Simonis, Hessel Veldman, Sem de Jongh, Katja Stam, ...Read More

The wiener radia kollektiv (ORANGE 94.0) proudly presents radia # 547 Wolfgang Fuchs at Buenos Aires. Turning towards sonic impressions An impressionistic turntabling view onto Buenos Aires. What is left if you want to make a soundscape-piece but find yourself in the overwhelming soundscape ...Read More

Corax comes musically this month into the Radia universe: Johannes Westermann and Johann von Cargo (Halle/S.- E.-Germany) get pulled together again to show off with their misty tunes combined of two turntables and a synthesizer… and they call it Jakob-Duschek-Trio. Read More

radia season 35, show #543 (radio one 91FM. dunedin, new zealand), playing from august 24 to august 30, 2015. If 666 should turn out to be 999 (A Line Hypnosis) by Campbell Walker — “In late-modern times, we experience a growing pollution of air, ...Read More

BE scape for radia.fm  by VMW (vincent Matyn-Wallecan) for Radio Panik, Brussels. Wether you’re about to, already have or will be listening to this piece, BE scape is a collage of recordings made at various places in Belgium on different moments ...Read More

REM(A)INDERS (a|r) by DIANA WESSER & VERENA KUNI For radia.fm from Kanal X, Frankfurt What remains? GHOSTS Traces in the dust of time. That do not vanish. Setting against obliteration. Resistant against oblivion. GHOSTS What is keeping them? What do they keep? GHOSTS REM(A)INDERS is a series of media(ted) reflection on situations ...Read More

Fantôme by Henri Landré for radia from Jet.fm, Nantes. Ghost sound track : realized for the exhibit “Ghosts’ Strips” presented at “La Ferme Du Buisson” (Noisiel, France) in April, 2015. The exhibit initiated by Gwen de Bonneval and the scenographer Philippe Dupuy, ...Read More

Proposal for a Performance by Jeremiah Day | for radia.fm from Radio Papesse, Firenza. This week show is a radio piece by artist Jeremiah Day, with whom Radio Papesse had the chance to collaborate since his arrival at Villa Romana, ...Read More

Connect and Let Go for radia by Reni Hofmüller (radio Helsinki, Graz) Water molecules enter emphere connections among themselves, let go, connect again and let go… water also connects to a lot of other substances/elements. And lets go again. And ...Read More