For by Felix Blume for Radio Corax, Halle.   Mexico City: more than 20 millions people gathered making noise! A noisy city for most; Blume would like to transform it in a sonorous city. The street sellers make the voices of ...Read More

For by by Brendon Wilson (CFRC), Kingston Across the lake from downtown Kingston Ontario is Wolfe Island, the largest of The Thousand Islands. This episode of radia immerses oneself with a path away from the mainland, through a combination of ...Read More

For the past 18 months I have spent a lot of my time in forests wondering about the connections between forest and city. Perhaps having been raised in the urban environment, I have found it very difficult to even find ...Read More

I was using six watts when you Received me, by Maddie Leach and Jem Noble, for radio one 91 FM Read More

Live from Hervé Moire & Juan Pablo Espinoza for the Sonor Festival at the Blockhaus in Nantes (France). Hervé Moire meets Juan Pablo Espinoza aka JPE for a live where different recordings are processed on live. Hervé Moire is an électroacoustic musician ...Read More

Birds of Marrakech for by Radio Papesse, Florence. It all started from a terrace during the 2014 Bienniale opening days, then moved into the streets; among the crowd, the tourists, people wandering into new territories, just to find ...Read More

“Wie es vielleicht war” (“How it might have been”) by Nights im Bunker for Radio Helsinki, Graz – AT “Nights im Bunker” is some sort of a mistery performance series that is performed once a month at the Forum Stadtpark ...Read More

Teddy Love is a homage to modern urges. To your needs. To every listener’s distant longing. Do not resist interactivity; please answer when spoken to, please do as you’re told. That way our common pleasure will reach a modern kind ...Read More

Show 486: miraculous agitations by Dan Wilson for Resonance FM Recorded in a single day, Dan Wilson introduces the possibilities of post-electronic music, taking the listener on a whistle-stop tour of trade waste bins with a view to discovering acoustic modules ...Read More

“Tksitevy” de Suzy Vincens Tksitevy – Suzy Vincens for Radio Campus Bruxelles Une première expérimentation d’un work in progress, présentée lors du festival Monophonic 2014 de l’acsr à Bruxelles, à l’invitation de Radio Moniek. Une performance polyphonique d’improvisation à partir d’une partition-poème ...Read More