Casting, for by Soundart Radio, Devon, UK Broadcasting as spell casting – sending out our intentions into the atmosphere, allowing them to fall where they need to, affect who they may, and communicate our deeper desires, even when wrapped in ...Read More

Show 583 – Koímêsis by Moniek (Radio Campus Bruxelles) Posted on 2016/05/30 by kika unnamed Koímêsis is a live radio performance in French and Greek ; a political poetry choir on Europe. « In August 2015, one month after the adoption of the Greece ...Read More

L’Étude-aux-Études. (Radio Grenouille) L’Étude-aux-Études est une proposition collective. C’est une composition utilisant de courts extraits de l’émission Les Études Sonores, programme diffusé sur Radio Grenouille et réalisé au sein de l’Atelier-Studio Euphonia, en collaboration avec la classe de composition en musique électroacoustique ...Read More

Echoing Yafa (radioart106fm KolHaCampus) Miriam Schickler’s audiowalk Echoing Yafa (played here in part) follows Marconi’s thought that sounds never die but grow progressively fainter. Imagine that all the sounds that have ever resonated inthis region, she writes, still reverberate somewhere, however ...Read More

Lonely whales at sunken weddingparties. Ocean sounds and Céline Dion, we’re still trying to save ourselves from drowning. Read More

Kunst Ist Tot – deadpeoplesrecords (Eastside FM) “Right-wingin’, bitter-clingin’, proud clingers of our guns, our God, and our religions and our Constitution” Read More

The latest radio art missive from CKUT! Read More

Evil Earth’s Notebook is the spoken word segment of the project Evil Earth, realized by visual artist Lala Rascic during her residency in Ljubljana at the Cultural Center Tobacna and her collaboration with Radio Student. In Evil Earth’s ...Read More

RADIO 0-3-0 By Emeka Ogboh for RADIO 0-3-0 combines a vast array of recorded audio materials such as news reports, interviews and music into a radio program, which examines the refugees’ situation in Berlin. He thus inquires how the city as ...Read More

Show 574: Travel Sounds (TEA FM) Posted on 2016/03/28 by teafm989 banner Radia 574Cuando viajas, un mundo de sonidos, ambientes y voces crece y evoluciona a tu alrededor. Es un buen ejercicio prestar atención a ese universo sonoro para descubrir aquellos detalles ...Read More