Show 574: Travel Sounds (TEA FM) Posted on 2016/03/28 by teafm989 banner Radia 574Cuando viajas, un mundo de sonidos, ambientes y voces crece y evoluciona a tu alrededor. Es un buen ejercicio prestar atención a ese universo sonoro para descubrir aquellos detalles ...Read More

Others Librement inspiré de “Huis Clos” de Jean-Paul Sartre, cette création radiophonique est animée par trois personnages principaux : deux femmes et un son (la voix de Sartre inclue). Ces trois là échangent, se rencontrent puis se détestent… Laissant place à la coalition ou ...Read More

Jacovitti & The Salami for by (Radio Klangendum/Worm) There is comic writer Benito’s Javovitti’s underestimated promotion of the Salami AN SICH, as a concept, as a weapon, as an ideology. And there is a growing scene of Salami awareness around ...Read More

Back Again for by Laura Morris, Campus Radio Paris The search for something new encompasses the search for a new you. Why travel? To see new places? Or for the chance to be or become someone else? Who ...Read More

Taxonomy of Sonorous Order for by Radio Orange, Vienna. Categorising, tagging, assigning and conducting research as a creative process. Where do art and order come together? How do artists use archives or archived material? Does the digital card ...Read More

TO THE LIMIT OF ENDURANCE by GABI SCHAFFNER He was a slender man of average height in his 60s, adressing the Lido with his back turned to the city. At first, there was noone around listening, eventually, later, some passer-bys stopped… just ...Read More

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At The Edge of the Emptiness of All Things for radia by Michael Fischer & Dieter Sperl for Radio Helsinki, Graz. For several years now, the saxophonist and instant composer Michael Fischer, founder and director of the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra, and ...Read More

'Balfron Tower' for radia by the Burmuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcasts from Resonance 104.4 FM London Poplar, East London: Erno Goldfinger’s Balfron Tower hums. Melanie Clifford & Howard Jacques are two of the artists living and working there with Bow Arts, ...Read More

'Impure Waves' for radia by Stefano Gianotti for Worm/Klangendum, Rotterdam Impure Waves is a radio-piece for voice, harmonica, oscillators and mobile phones. It is entirely born during the author’s residency at the Worm Foundation in November 2015. The piece starts with a quotation ...Read More