REM(A)INDERS (a|r) by DIANA WESSER & VERENA KUNI For from Kanal X, Frankfurt What remains? GHOSTS Traces in the dust of time. That do not vanish. Setting against obliteration. Resistant against oblivion. GHOSTS What is keeping them? What do they keep? GHOSTS REM(A)INDERS is a series of media(ted) reflection on situations ...Read More

Fantôme by Henri Landré for radia from, Nantes. Ghost sound track : realized for the exhibit “Ghosts’ Strips” presented at “La Ferme Du Buisson” (Noisiel, France) in April, 2015. The exhibit initiated by Gwen de Bonneval and the scenographer Philippe Dupuy, ...Read More

Proposal for a Performance by Jeremiah Day | for from Radio Papesse, Firenza. This week show is a radio piece by artist Jeremiah Day, with whom Radio Papesse had the chance to collaborate since his arrival at Villa Romana, ...Read More

Connect and Let Go for radia by Reni Hofmüller (radio Helsinki, Graz) Water molecules enter emphere connections among themselves, let go, connect again and let go… water also connects to a lot of other substances/elements. And lets go again. And ...Read More

Interpretations of  Weekend for by Yngvild K. Rolland for Radio Nova, Oslo. The two audio pieces by Yngvild Rolland presented in this weeks Radia show are based on material from Jean-Luc Godard’s film Weekend (1967). The first excerpt, titled The ...Read More

Live ASMR by Marie Toseland and Sophie Mallett (Resonance104.4fm) for ASMR is Auto Sensory Meridian Response. The ‘response’ is a pleasurable tingling sensation on and around the scalp, caused by certain ‘triggers’. More often than not ASMR has a strong connection ...Read More

Easter for by Toni Dimitrov for Kanal103, Skopje. We had several spare days for the Easter holidays, so we went to small town Resen and Prespa Lake. There was still snow on the mountains around, on Baba and Galichica, but ...Read More

Rios Enclausurados – by Marco Scarassatti for from Radio Zero, Lisbon. Rios enclausurados (Enclosed Rivers) is a poetic and political construction of a sound space created by editing the sounds of various streams and rivers which have been artificially channelled ...Read More

Day-by-Day for from (Soundart Radio) I woke up with a sense of dread. I had forgotten to do something important. What could it be? One of those things that springs into my mind at inopportune moments, when I can’t do ...Read More

“Maria Mariza and maybe Marianna” is a soundscape with a selection of rough and manipulated field recordings from Tanzania, Cyprus and The Netherlands. Created for Lost & Found (Young SDH/Korzo Theater), this radio composition was originally performed in a 6.2 ...Read More