I’ve always loved Acid. Not only due to the squelchy palette of the misused TB303 being, for reasons i can not articulate (related to liking the smell of petroleum??), so endlessly delicious, sexy, and addictive, but also ...Read More

In Gaziantep, an old Turkish city on the Eastern and Southern Most part of the country, bordering Syria, i had the fortune of meeting 2 Syrian young men who were involved in the initial student and popular ...Read More

Pre-Hispanic indigenous rhythm roots, influence from African sciences of the drum, Shamanic sounds from atop the Peruvian mountains and deep in the Amazonian jungle... These describe parts of this new electronic music known loosely as Tribal Guarachero. This mix comprises ...Read More

Heute Abend ist NG◎M▲ live im Y▲▲M // 28.Feb.2015 http://www.yaam.de/date/ng%E2%97%8Em%E2%96%B2/ https://www.facebook.com/events/1581346182098980 Read More

179 killed by institutional racist violence for the crime of trying to live in the drugs and guns infested poverty that white supremacy keeps them in, during the past 15 years, In NYC alone. How many disabled? In comas? How ...Read More

Jack is building a new council estate house in East London. Read More

The triplet kicks characteristic of Jersey Club recalls the Clave rhythm pattern from Afro-Cuban music, which is one of the simplest of common African rhythm patterns, and one of the only that survived in the Americas.   ...Read More

DJ Zhao presents: CLUB DECONSTRUCTION (Jersey, London, Luanda) The music here strongly emphasize abrupt cuts, stop-and-switch dynamics, which to me seems to reflect social fragmentation in urban life, and the often talked about compartmentalization of our lives into ...Read More

Very excited to bring you this long time coming Neuvo/Electro/Bass Cumbia mix, about time i showed solidarity with all my South American sisters and brothers, Christmas day is as good as any other :) For a long while i played mostly ...Read More

With Dj Zhao From Soweto to Chicago, from Jakarta to Paris, from Lagos to London, from Conakry to Berlin. Join us 30th of May @ Panke Club in Berlin for official JUJUJUKE PARTY: www.facebook.com/events/646058728819009/ Tracklist: ngomasound.com/2014/05/16/jujujuke2-jujulife/ Read More