Miracles: Flüchtige Momente der schönen Musik fand im Rahmen des Festivals Doofe Musik statt. raudio aasland erinnert sich, spielt Live-Aufnahmen des Abends und interviewt MusikerInnen zu den Smoothjazz-Erfahrungen, die sie im Rahmen des Projekts gemacht haben.’ Read More

Einmalige Chance: Der Smooth Jazz Backingtrack mit Kompositionen von Margaret Kammerer, Anja Jacobsen, Maria Bertl, Tisha Mukarij, Louis Rastig, JD Zazie, Ian Douglas-Moore, Nathalie Ponneau, Axel Dörner, The Understated Brown, Liz Allbee, Johnny Chang und plants and empire in fast ...Read More

klingt.org auf besuch im ausland raudio aasland spielt Musik von det befreundezen Plattform klingt.org seine Zeichens  "online platform for music. improvised music, noise ...Read More

Been here and gone: Talk & live music with Thalia Zedek On March 5th, Thalia Zedek (Boston / US) presented her 2013 album "Via" and the brand new EP "Six" at ausland on the occasion of concert promoter amSTARt's 15th anniversary ...Read More

raudio aasland: Great Waitress Recordings and conversations form the record release concert of Great Waitress. With the artists, guest, and the lovely ausland late night bar crew. auf reboot.fm oder UKW 88,4 MHz in ...Read More

Raudio Aasland, December 8th - Music and interviews from two of Ausland's November 2013 shows. NYC sound artist Andrea Parkins discusses sound, space, and growing up in the countryside, while Berlin-based trombonist Hilary ...Read More

raudio aasland presents the New York based turntablist, sound artist and curator Maria Chavez in a personal interview where she speaks about the value of accidents in her life and work, how to release a sound work ...Read More

raudio aasland diesmal mit Interviews mit und Lieblinsplatten von "The Secretaries", die am 5. Oktober im ausland auftreten. "The Secretaries": Felicity Mangan, WJM, ...Read More

Interviews from Mario Michel on his recent Ausland residency as well as a talk with Italian sound artist Alessandro Bosetti, discussing his upcoming Ausland performance, current projects, and his approach to negotiating performative sound through linguistics. Also on are selected ...Read More

Diana Combo did a residency in ausland in the first week of July. In this show she will present the residency and reflect on the process and result of her work. The music featured in the show is part of a ...Read More