Earth Observatory Array Elements – Treak Cliff (EOAE-TC) was initiated as core particle and cosmic ray observatory structure in the show caves of Treak Cliff Cavern. It is part of a global set of observatories, operated by the Shift Register ...Read More

This edition features unedited recordings from a recent workshop at Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station, in Finland. The workshop set out to bother the linear stories of deep-time, geology and anthropocenic discourse; to re-jig the history of the bones and stones with a vitalist writing ...Read More

This edition exposes excerpts from a series of found recordings made last year at EMS Stockholm - inspired by the worms, crows, Buchla, earth and Leif Elggren. With thanks to all at EMS, Stockholm. Read More

This edition marks the close release of the ERD/WORM voice speech synthesis module and celebrates the boneless, anti-geologic realm of non-human speech which the technologies of encoding and synthesis introduced. Here we present two recordings - the first a new ...Read More

This edition starts with a recording of a performance lecture I gave recently as part of Fiber festival in Amsterdam, exploring the links between medieval alchemy and modern technology. The very technological and engineered means of delivering this lecture (microphone ...Read More

Peer presents a work in progress and a follow up to last Substrat's voices of angels. In this work two computers attempt a form of angelic or vocal communication of inner process. On one side all of the instructions which ...Read More

This emission presents a rough work first broadcast audibly in the catacombs of Paris on 13/1/2017 with thanks to Kevin. It is followed by six attempts to approximate the voices of angels using available and given structures ...Read More

Let the waters above the heavens fall, and the earth will yield its fruit. This emission presents two excerpts from a recent event at the Pharmacy Museum in Basel as part of the Shift Register project. The event investigated how human ...Read More

By such a dissolution and sublimation, the spirit is converted into a body and the body into a spirit. This episode or emission presents a largely unedited recording from a workshop conducted at Perte de Signal in Montreal in ...Read More

Let the waters above the heavens fall and the earth will yield its fruit This latest Substrat emission, almost alive from Montreal follows a few processes within the Dissolutions realm, exploring various distillations, circulations and sublimations of technology and its materiality. Read More