Night Sounds showcases a series of edited, long night deep field recordings from various Europe-wide sites including during the infamous Suffolk psychogeophysics summit. Further recordings are sourced from Obergrombach, Verdun and Oberdiessbach. All recording and this image (Aldeburgh rocketing) were ...Read More

Carrier/Container/Detektor aims to break open the closed ecological circuit of material broadcast media by focusing attention on the means of reception and environmental conditions that affect both analogue and digital transmission, rather than on any extracted content within the broadcast message ...Read More

Recorded in a forest close to Berlin, this latest unedited substrat radio examines aspects of the Earth Coding project; a literal attempt to bootstrap or encourage the earth itself to create technology, to begin to code. An attempt is made to ...Read More

Crystal Radio charts the development of two recent projects, CLF (Crystal Laser Feedback), to be shown soon in Carreau, France, and Salpêtrière, a cast concrete playback piece, conceived as part of the relay project curated by John Lambert (see This ...Read More

This latest substrat radio is devoted to a recent workshop and residency in Paris courtesy of mal au pixel and p-node. We commence with a worm poetry session voiced by Marie Contant, before a lengthy recording of the workshop visit ...Read More

Over the last year your host has developed a new electronic instrument, The Dark Interpreter named after de Thomas de Quincey's notion of a dark shadow or double leading the subject into new, revealing territory. The Dark Interpreter casts skin, ...Read More

Wiederholung vom 6.4.2014 Performance compiles two recent substrate performances over the last few weeks; the first with Martin Kuentz as part of the salon bruit season at Ausland, Berlin; the second (excerpted) in New York ...Read More

As a belated tribute to the wonderful Bernard Parmegiani, Jekyll XOR presents an excerpt from an audio "Exclusive OR", a logical operation, enacted between two differing edits of the soundtrack to Walerian Borowcyzk's film, Docteur Jekyll et les Femmes. Submitted to the constraints of ...Read More

Salt domes, collapsing towns, black mummies, red mummies, ALMA project, cabbalistic steganographics. Shuffled stack of 144 conversational squares of salt-writing heaps overlaid on one hour of radio broacast. With thanks to Erich Burger, Kathrin ...Read More

Pitch Leak provides a fitting conclusion to this year's Substrat. En route to Copenhagen for the Pitch Drop dinner and exhibition hosted by science friction, the digital recorder used for all Substrat episodes was somehow destroyed. During preparations for the ...Read More