In this week's episode of SAVVYZΛΛR, we are weaving multiple voices and sounds that contribute to our long term research, performance, exhibition and radio project RAUPENIMMERSATTISM. THE AFFLUENT SOCIETY AS CONSUMED SOCIETY OR THE MYTH OF ENDLESS PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION ...Read More

Goethe-Institut, in cooperation with and the Radio Netzwerk Berlin are transmitting Latitude on Air: Unsettling Power Relations, a four day experimental transversal radio, that both transcends and explores locality with live terrestrial broadcasts from Max Fish at Kunsthaus ACUD in ...Read More

A culmination of the post-academic BAK 2019/2020 Fellowship Program in the form of a sonic science fiction transmission from BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht Mijke van der Drift, Mitchell Esajas, Katia Krupennikova, Diana McCarty, David Muñoz Alcántara, Oleksiy ...Read More

13.09.2020 CYCLE V |  THE TRANSFORMATION: THE BECOMING OF THE BUTTERFLY/ THE CONDITION FOR CONTINUOUS RECYCLES The fifth day rings with the transformative phase, where the caterpillar shifts into the exit of “the butterfly effect” of capitalist structures and enters the ...Read More

Das Festival für selbstgebaute Musik hat sich in den letzten Jahren zu einer Plattform der besonderen Art entwickelt: Musiker*innen und Künstler*innen, Kinder und musikbegeisterte Erwachsene können auf Augenhöhe Musik und Klang auf neuen Wegen erfahren, erforschen und ihre Ideen mit anderen ...Read More

Eclectic mix as usual from classic to elektro rock to ethno and always a grain of poetry. Read More

DIVersa_Nula – Thelmo Cristovam (2020) As a sound artist living in brazil, i bear in mind the idea of broadcasting. Distances spray along different lines and overlapping spatial identities. but there are fixed spaces which identity and segment this vast space ...Read More

Tarkampa is a music project, a band and a nickname for Riccardo Massari Spiritini the composer, sound artist and performer born in Italy in 1966, and based in Barcelona since 2000. Riccardo's production ranges from electronic music to chamber electroacoustic compositions, ...Read More

Her instrument is the cello, but she composes with a computer. Lucy Railton is a modern composer, who bases her compositions on cello-recordings, that she alters and changes on the computer until they become music and compositions ...Read More

_ music made in Berlin / new releases / women on music _ apresentação de Laura Leiner / Moderatorin: Laura Leiner / *** Compilation organized by C-drik, label Syrphe, all salles go to help people in Beirut: Read More