1. Set, 2-3 h Jeff Milligan with a deep and mellow set "fat32 ltd edition master", February 2010 Jeff  Milligan is legendarily regarded by his contemporaries as one the most technically talented DJ's in the world. By 1999, Jeff began touring ...Read More

Deepfrequency.com the brainchild of Guillaume Chottin & Simon Halpin recently celebrated 2 years of online broadcasting, with over 60 resident DJ's presenting shows from UK, FRANCE, GERMANY, USA & RUSSIA and more, sharing deep and diverse contemporary underground dance music ...Read More

International Festival of Radio Art Lisboa 1-3 July 2010 http://radialx.radiozero.pt Ricardo Guerreiro + Nuno Torres - Inframince | 28:00 This 28 minutes studio recording captures the very first musical encounter of Nuno Torres (alto saxophone) and Ricardo Guerreiro (live-sampling) as a duo. The ...Read More