the brainchild of Guillaume Chottin & Simon Halpin recently celebrated 2 years of online broadcasting, with over 60 resident DJ’s presenting shows from UK, FRANCE, GERMANY, USA & RUSSIA and more, sharing deep and diverse contemporary underground dance music as well as Ambient, Afro, Dub, Disco, Jazz, Latin & World Music. The station has also been graced with exclusive extended guest mixes from DJ’s David Mancuso (The Loft NYC), Felix Dickinson (Cynic) Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area), Gerry Rooney (Black Cock Recs), Joel Martin (Quiet Village), DJ Kaos (Berlin), Phil Mison (Reverso 6, amongst many others…

Soft Rocks, born of well-girded loins in fair Brighton town are enigmas on top of mysteries, on top of scandals, on the top deck of a double decker bus. They are a collective, they are calm and collected, they are collectible, and possibly even contemptible. Who knows? We don’t. Anyhow, we asked them to do a mix, through a masked intemediary, Sussex’s own Zorro. He said yes (or was that the man from Del Monte?). Here it is. (From


Jah Wobble - Get Carter
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - East
Vortex - Les Morts
Smith & Mudd - My Hill
Soft Rocks - Little Lights
Frida - I See Red
Walking Talking - Lies
Alec Constandinos - Pontious Pilate
Fania All Stars - Que Pasa
Sly Dunbar - Senegal Market Place
Tommy James - Light Of Day

Broadcasted on Thursday 06-May-2010 -