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Copenhagen’s electronic music scene has been on a steady rise over the past decade. Conveniently located half-way between Norway’s neo-disco hot-spot Oslo and the German techno capital Berlin, Copenhagen has been drawing on influences from both of these cities.

Add to this one of Europe’s largest rock music festivals, taking place every year in nearby Roskilde, and what you get is a perfectly diverse music scene. Take artists like Tomas Barfod or Trentemøller: the former responsible for both disco-punk outfit WhoMadeWho and techno label Tartelet, the latter equally famous for his dancefloor bombs and post-rock songs.

The diversity doesn’t stop here. Acts like Efterklang or Dub Tractor combine acoustic instruments with electronica, offering unique takes on experimental indie pop. Artists such as Mikkel Metal and Resoe uphold the grand tradition of cold and spacious dub-techno, and when a young producer of minimal house like James Braun drops a pristine dubstep track on a release called ‘Oi World This is Copenhagen’, it’s a perfect indication of the city’s open-minded musical climate.

For our City Focus on the Danish capital, we talk to two key figures of its electronic music scene: Martin Swanstein, better known as Martinez - certainly the city’s most prolific producer of house music, who has just released his acclaimed new album ‘The Paradigm Shift’. Our second guest is Kenneth Christiansen, owner of the renowned Echocord label family, one of the people behind Copenhagen’s most famous techno club, Culture Box, and part of dub-techno production outfit Pattern Repeat.

Release date: Jul 21, 2010

Copenhagen House Techno Electronica Martinez Echocord Trentemøller Resoe James Braun Kasper Bjørke Mikkel Metal Dub Tractor Jokke Ilsøe