KANADISCHE INHALTE presents a MUTEK mini-showcase…
check your time zones. July 30, 17:00 Vancouver, 20:00 Toronto/Montreal, and after midnight, 02:00 in Berlin

MUTEK has been bringing cutting edge electronic musicians from around the globe together for an annual 5 day festival held every June, in Montreal, Quebec. 2010 was it’s 11th season.
A small sampling of this year’s stellar line-up include Minilogue, DJ Koze, Henrik Schwarz, The Moritz Von Oswald Trio, Move D & Pepe Braddock. www.mutek.org
Kanadische Inhalte is pleased to present Canadian producers, Overcast Sound, Spooloops and Hrdvsion who performed this year at Mutek 11.
We also include one from the archives, Sans Soleil, who performed at Mutek 9 in 2008.

As Overcast Sound, Michael Pettit and Jamie Drouin have been creating atmospheric minimal dub-tech interpolated with fragmented field recordings, since 2005.
Based in Victoria, B.C., the duo recently spent 3 months living in Berlin. Did it live up to their expectations? “Yes and then some. You hear the stories and see the pictures, but I don’t think it really does it justice.” said Michael.
Kanadische Inhalte will play their set from this year’s Mutek, a world radio premiere.

Spooloops is a live electronic music project of Ian James Newton, who employs older hardware such as the Roland MC505 to create deep space techno pop.
Ian has coordinated legendary social interventions and interactive gatherings since 2000, in his studio ‘Zero to One’, a multi-disciplinary art venue in Kitchener, Ontario.
Kanadische Inhalte has his set from this year’s OM-Releaf Festival, held in June, deep in the leafy woods of Ontario.

Like Overcast Sound, Nathan Jonson hails from Canada’s west coast scene. Currently a resident of Berlin, he released his full length album this June, entitled, ‘Where Did You Just Go?’ on Wagon Repair, the label run by his brother, renowned techno producer, Mathew Jonson. The two also collaborate under the name, Midnight Operator, doing a live techno dance-floor PA.
Nathan’s set from Mutek moves rapidly, mixing many styles and ideas, all with a crunchy electro core. Music for the post-pepsi-short-attention-span-generation.

Montreal native & current Toronto resident, Michael Trommer is a long time sound & visual artist, who takes his stage name, Sans Soleil, from Chris Marker’s film, a meditation on otherness, being elsewhere and the nature of memory….
During Mutek 2008, he performed at A/Visions with collaborator VJ Nokami (Eric Filion). The two have performed extensively, including a tour of Japan in the fall of 2009.