showcasing Canadian DJs and producers on, Berlin.

Matt has released tracks on Sub-stactic, Dumb-Unit, Cynosure and performed with Jeremy Caulfield, Mike Shannon, Richie Hawtin, Mike Huckaby, Pantone and Jake Fairley.  He also releases tracks on the Obsolete Components label he runs with his brother Mark and friends.

Matt uses all hardware and no laptop for his performances.”
“My current live setup is
1. Akai MPC-1000 sampler / sequencer (I use this to sample sounds from all of my old synthesizers and drum machines that I have in my studio at home, and also as the main sequencer where all drums and parts are programmed). 2. Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer (A digital wavetable synthesizer that is small and reliable, works best for most of my bass lines and extra synth sounds) 3. Korg Electribe ES-1 (This is also a sampler / sequencer which I treat kind of like a second turntable. I use it to mix between songs mostly and also as extra added parts) 4. Electro Harmonix Memoryman w/ Hazari (This provides effects like delay and reverb that I like to manipulate with sounds while performing) 5. Lastly a Hardware mixing console that is used to adjust the volumes of all of the parts.

here’s a track listing for the set.

1. Achenar - Cynosure
2. It Could Happen - Cynosure
3. A Love Letter Is Like A Bullet From A Gun - Cynosure
4. Further - Blue Recordings
5. Signals - Obsolete Components
6. Icebox - Cynosure
7. Tuning Fields - Sub-Static
8. The Slow Club - Obsolete Components
9. Polarized - Blue Recordings


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