Guy Gerber and Dor are our two illustrious guests in this week’s edition of our City Focus, but as always the real star of the show is the city they are from: Tel Aviv.

Israel’s seaside metropolis is known as a ‘city that never sleeps’, its famous beaches and bustling nightlife attracting 1.5 million visitors each year. It comes as little surprise that most electronic music from Tel Aviv is both an expression of the city’s modernity and its perpetual sunshine. Artists like Chaim and Shlomi Aber have achieved worldwide success by combining contemporary minimal techno with light-hearted pop music influences in their highly regarded production work.

Shlomi Aber’s label, Be As One, serves as a home base for many local artists such as Gel Abril and Itamar Sagi. Influences of Detroit techno and house can further be found in the idiosyncratic productions of Yoav B, who crafts a unique sound on his releases for Delsin, and whose work we give special attention to in this podcast.

Our first guest to share his insight on his home town this week is Guy Gerber, possibly Tel Aviv’s most widely recognised techno artist. Active as a producer since 2002, his track ‘This is Balagan’ became a dancefloor anthem in 2006 via the mighty Cocoon imprint, and Gerber has gone from strength to strength ever since. His labels Supplement Facts and Supplemental are highly productive outlets for the music of both Israeli and international artists.

Our second guest this week is Dor, for many years promoter of Tel Aviv’s ‘Cheap Friday’ nights, which brought many German artists like Efdemin, Carsten Jost, and Pantha Du Prince to Israeli shores for the first time. Since 2008 Dor has been living in Berlin, where he has been curating Dial Records’ house-focused sub-label, Laid.

Guy Gerber feat. Dawn - Hate/Love

Supplement Facts Records


Chaim - Love Rehab Dub

BPitch Control


Deep’A & Biri - Twisted Tango

Trapez LTD


Gel Abril - Miranda

Get Physical Music


DJ Yoav B. - Steam Drill

Delsin Records


DJ Yoav B. - Love Dub

Delsin Records


DJ Yoav B. - Higher Love

Delsin Records


Deep’A & Vek remixed by Chaim - 404 (Chaim Remix)

Coincidence Records


Itamar Sagi - One Million Oaks



Shlomi Aber - Slow Dancer

Ovum Recordings

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