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It airs every saturday from 9-11 pm on Elektrana radio (Exit festivals radio station).

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Playlist Mutant disco #53 - 11.09.2010.

# Christian Prommer - Sueno latino (Dj Hell’s all you need is love remix) (Get physical)
# SABO - Mogo te disco (Sol selectas)
# Mark E - The wolf (original mix) (Running back)
# Popular computer - Di solito (Popular computer)
# Hot Toddy - Down to love (Smoke n’ mirrors)
# Paskal and Urban absolutes - Need love (Farside promo)
# Trujillo - Baby you’re still the same (Apersonal music promo)
# Gang - KKK. (Recordbreaker)
# Oro - Stop the war (Light sounds dark)
# JDisko - Seduction (Top shelf records)
# Alexis Le-Fan et Allo Rodolphe - Ethique-infinie (Black disco)
# The Groovers - Chicken noodle (Sad ghost remix) (Pack up and dance)
# Twisted tongue - A retutrn to space (Ray Mang extended mix) (Acid jazz promo)
# Atom - Sunshower (Beatfanatic remix version 1) (Soundscape)
# Scott Hardkiss - You and I (Bjorn Torske in outer space dub) (God within recordings)
# Loin brothers - Garden of Vargulf (original mix) (Future classic)
# Populette - Populus (Throne of blood promo)
# Den Perry - No way I miss you (Banana groove records)
#. Helen - Witch (Safety copy)