the love of music with groove led C and P Moroder’s path to the East-German disco stronghold Dresden, where they quickly established a monthly club night called COSMIC DANCER and lured entertainers from all over the world to Saxony, amongst them Tim Sweeney, Kaos, Runaway, Todd Terje or Danny Wang. With their radio show COSMIC LISTENER the primarily give a forum to Dresden’s local heroes but from time to time even international guests like Maximilian Skiba, Traxx, James T. Cotton or St. Göran stop by. L Moroder on the other hand wound up in London, where he learned the craft of sign painting and picture carving and now takes care of the creative direction of his brothers activities.

1) MGM13: Niles (Makin’ Music)

When it comes to 2nd hand record shopping there are few sections that are as thrilling to me as the ‘Soundtrack & Library’ one.
An intriguing and beguiling part of the record shop, in between the ‘50 Brass Band library tracks’ and ‘BBC Sports Sound Effects’ LP’s you occassionaly come across an old Italian Horror Soundtrack by Goblin or Riz Ortolani or a synth score by John Carpenter or Giorgio Moroder.
Even your mainstream movies have their secret goodies with Pete Best’s ‘Crocodile Dundee’ supplying a low slung Didgeridoo heavy chugger and the breathy, ethereal ‘David at the Institution’ at the end of ‘Endless Love’ is a weird downtempo number worth checking out next time you see it in your local Oxfam.
The library LP is another great mine of little known synth and funk classics in waiting.
Bruton & KPM are the most obvious examples but there are a world of rare and obscure tracks waiting to be discovered by the pioneering digger.
This mix is a collection of Library and Soundtrack music featuring some of the aforementioned producers and labels and, of course, some less well known ones.
It’s horror themed and is best played in a car, alone, on a rainy night. Possibly approaching the outskirts of a rundown industrial city. Maybe you see something out of the corner of your eye. Perhaps there’s an old lady pushing a trolley full of cats. Should you pick up any stray hitchhikers whilst listening to this? Do you really want to stay the night at the decrepit motel you’ve come across…
Feel free to request any I.D.’s in the comments section, I’m happy to help.
(Niles, Makin’ Music)

1. Sunset, East Lancs Road
2. A Mist Descends
3. Look Out, Gang!
4. Recon
5. They Attack, They Attack!
6. Scouting for Supplies
7. Memories of Lovers
8. A Hero Emerges…
9. The Traps are Laid
10. Wave Two, They Return in Numbers
11. Resistance is Futile?
12. Fight Fire with Fire (Part One)
13. Fight Fire with Fire (Part Two)
14. We. Are. Compromised
15. A Final Embrace?
16. Contemplation of Fate
17. From Disaster to Victory

2) THE FUTURE IS PAST Bordighera vs. Ospedaletti

Third round of our weekly podcast The Future is Past: A 60minute ride in a borrowed Alfa Romeo coupé driving down the winding roads of the Corso Matuzia. Top down. Wind playing mischievously with your hair. A tiny transistor radio emitting squelches of tinny blare. Soon you will be reaching San Remo and then…

Side A – Bordighera

1. Cerrone – The Loft
2. Albatros – L’ Albatros
3. Dj Okawari – Afterschool
4. Koudlam – Eagles of Africa (via alainfinkielkrautrock)
5. Joel Van Droogen Broeck – New Wave Rock (via lovefingers)
6. Jackson Jones – Put Your Pants On
7. Malatu Astatke – Yekermo Sew
8. Thomas & Richard Frost – December Rain (via lovefingers)

Side B – Ospedaletti

1. Jeremih – Birthday Sex ( Sorry!)
2. Dam Funk – Hood Pass Intact
3. Chromeo – I Can’t Tell You Why (Dub Version)
4. Mayer Hawthorne – Green Eyed Love (Classixx Remix)
5. Soft Rocks – Leave Your Earth Behind (Roots Unit Remix) (via 20jazzfunkgreats)
6. Tocotronic – Pure Vernunft Darf Niemals Siegen (Lawrence Remix)
7. Léo Delibes’ – Lakmé – Les Lianes En Fleurs