hair-and-cream-smallLooking up. To the sky, or otherwise a source of information. […] Second to first, the character riding in the echo of a dog’s bark, starts from the end. The assumption is that things with a beginning and end need no meat to carry their weight, rather, it’s a fastforward with an assumption for a middle. The middle is whatever you, sorry, YOU want it to be. It’s a skimpy skim, we all know it, browse through the pictures you lazy bushpilots, skim the sunlight along with the foam off your coffee, show those with professions that the middle can be whittled down with calesthenics, that artifacts are “realtime”. A stream leads to the ocean. The OCEAN.”

 — from “The Real World” by DJ Seeks Same

Tonight’s edition of the Jetlag Archipelago maritime radio trash-ollage features excerpts from DJ Seeks Same’s old washing machine and her new sonic novel. Also includes the music of:

Aesthetik der Gewalt
U.s. Girls
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud
Teenage Panzer Corps
Ciccone Youth
Scattered Order
Family Fodder