Exclusive sets by NOAH PRED and ERIC DOWNER.
And a set recorded live from Toika Bar, in Toronto, by ZAID EDGHAIM.

Being Thoughtless? That can mean a few things….not all of them good.
But in the best sense, being thoughtless is the desired state of mind of the zen master, the samurai swordsman, the athlete and the artist.
And the state the best music induces in the listener. It’s where we want to be on the dance floor. Mind flowing along the stream of music.
In the Moment. Without a Thought.

As Noah Pred, the creator of Toronto based Thoughtless Music says, “The name of the label comes from a state of mind I think many of us have probably experienced - with a bit of wry humor for good measure, of course. By way of explanation, when I’m in the midst of a DJ set and everything is flowing, or when I’m in the studio and a track is coming together perfectly, there’s no thought involved - in these heightened states, thinking itself can be the most destructive element to enter the creative process.”
Visit www.thoughtlessmusic.com for info, free downloads and more..