tetraTHE TETRAHEDRON - SNOWHERE (Panic Radio Brussels)

The Tetrahedron is a fundamental sonic volume with 4 sides. A regular Tetrahedron is formed by 4 equilateral broadcasts, taking parts in an asymmetric radiophonic rotation system. Even if Snowhere was done in a cold Brussels winter, the Tetrahedron still at a basement temperature by screaming like a 4 bits chaman, whispering some headwinds into the basement , then finaly making peace after a white war by an acoustic orgy.

With: Jean-François Blanquet, Jean-Marcel Busson, Fabrice Cesario, Aymeric De Tapol and Yann Leguay
Voices by: Maxime Blanpain and Suzy Bretchkov Recorded in december 2010 at his Aunt’s basement , Brussels


heimkehr by rinus van alebeek and alessandra eramo (Radio X, Frankfurt)

coming home from nowhere to somewhere -
or was it the other way round?
let’s see. or maybe better: let’s listen…

rinus van alebeek is a sound artist, writer and performer from holland, living and working in berlin and elsewhere. find out more about rinus van alebeek and his work at zeromoon.com/rinus alessandra eramo a.k.a ezramo is a sound artist, composer and performer from taranto, italy. she’s currently living and working in berlin, germany. further information about alessandra eramo a.k.a ezramo and her work can be found at www.ezramo.com  special thanks to corsica s. for the beautiful radiator sounds!


Radia is a network of independent radio stations who have a common interest in promoting and producing artworks for the radio, and in forming related projects based on broadcasting and cultural exchange. We produce a weekly radio show that is broadcast by each of the member radio stations. Our shows represent the local artistic community of each station, whilst at the same time these new works point to an emergent collective notion of self-determined art for radio.