Zero Hour #9 – A New Taste For The Haste #4
Hosted by Steve Morell

Steve Morell is going to present, introduce and point out to the listeners new music. Music which is new on the spot, which he got sent, which he is playing in his sets or just which is it worth to be listened to and which he don´t want to withhold to his listeners. Music from his own label / distribution (Pale Music Int.) or music from other friends labels or Artists he got sent. Its a not regular format as the normal “ Zero Hour” program has to happen as well. But tonight he has to do already the third episode because there is coming so much good music out in the moment that he really have to present it.

After more than 1000 listeners on the soundcloud podcast of the last “Zero Hour” we can expect like the last time a lot of new music which is definitely worth to listen.

Further he had Thomas Götz von Aust as a studio guest in the show. Thomas Götz von Aust is a Berlin based Party promoter who is involved in party´s like „Warehouse, Camp, etc.

Thomas Götz Von Aust
born 1983 in munich, raised in bavaria and france on catholic schools
apprenticship as church musician before he was moving 2003 to berlin for litreture and art studies. Since 2005 he has been firstly involved in the nightlift as manager of the legendary „CHANTALS HOUSE OF SHAME“.
2007 „BORDERLINES“ (public reading with figures from the night- and musiclife, set in different places like Kinzo Club, Styx Project Space and now Salon Zur Wilden Renate). 2009 „CITYBOY“ (electro party, will now be restarted in Berghain Kantine and intermittenly in tel aviv). 2010 WAREHOUSE (electronical music meets queer art) at ZMF (Zur Möbelfabrik) 2011 CAMP! (together with Eigk Weber, combines berlin acts with parties from all over the world like „flash cocotte“ from paris or „shabba dabba“ da from london) at Festsaal Kreuzberg

Play List The Zero Hour #9 – A New Taste For The Haste #3

01 – The Zero Hour – Radio Jingle
02 ¬– Gerechtigkeitsliga – Justice (Zyklus Records)
03 – Ulrike Haage – Fingerprints B (Blue Pearls Music)
04 – Noblesse Oblige - Equinox (Repo Records)
05 – La Suite Bizarre – Uptown Don´t Stop (Ciphra Rec.)
06 – John Gazoo – What Happened (Compost Comdis 003)
07 – Dreams of Tall Buildings fet. Arve Henriksen – Rope (Museum Rec.)
08 – Studio Talk with Thomas Götz von Aust
09 – Glamour To Kill – Hello (Pale Music Int.)
10 – Die Alten Maschinen – This Toy (X-Productions)
11 – Slick Idiot – Everyone´s A Winner (Itchy Records)
12 – Orgonautic – Uranus (Promo - No Label)
13 – Dead Sexy Inc. – Babykill (Araknid / Pale Music)
14 – Suicide Party – Seeing Red (Promo - No Label)
15 – The Horn And The Hunt – I Missed The Catastrophe (White Label Music)
16 – The Zero Hour – Radio Jingle
17 – H.P. Lovecraft - Gloria Patria (Philips PHS 600-252)
18 – Studio Talk Studio Talk with Thomas Götz von Aust
19 – Leather Strip – Battlemind – Peter Sequence Rmx (Alfa-Matrix Rec.)
20 – Tracy´O – Soldiers (Pale Music Int.)
21 – Alexander Hacke – Born Too Late (Potomak)
22 – Three Blind Mice – Three Story Girl (Serpentine / Pale Music)
23 – Kill The Dandies! – Girl Next Door (Pale Music)
24 – G – Punkt Effect – Lovesong (Promo - No Label)
25 – Risque – Venus In Furs (Some Bizarre)
26 – Electrosexual & Sunday Luv – Discolution (Own Label / Pale Music)
27 – The Uniques – Dungeon (Own Label / Pale Music)
28 – S.C.U.M.– Signals (1234 Records / Mute Records)