ayse, the symbol of turkish punk, is calling for sezgin boynik from the slums : "my name is punk ayse / i live in a gecekondu /ruins is here / don't be fake tokiye   " http://gozel.tumblr.com http://www.jupla.com/v/xwvkn52 Gozel Radio # 9  "GECEKONDU ...Read More

Berlin based italian sound artist Valeria Merlini has a long DJ background in radio (experimental electronic music, radio art) and live performance. Overlaying sonic textures and cutting them up with the “Äpfelzerstörer” method she explores the potentiality ...Read More

diving into archives or why did mister rimbaud stop writing? sounds by marti, huber, strobl, philippsen, texts by rimbaud and others - performed in zurigo and berlin. http://hoermaschine.radioerevan.net/ Read More