DJ ALEX (VOICES COLLECTIVE) UK PLAYLIST 09/03/011 Johnny Rock - Sorasm Edit (Wolf & Lamb) Nomad - Magic Violins Edit Amon Duul - Spaniards & Spacemen Chaplin Band - Il Veliero Retrofit - Liberal Zee (Retrofit) Roman Flugel - La Paloma (Running Back Recs) Frivolous One - ...Read More

YHT & Francois Sallé with Tatsumi Ruysui "Different Looks at Experimentation" by, Berlin YHT : concepts of experimental sound design for cinematic audio-experiences and Francois Sallé with Tatsumi Ryusui : free live experimentation ...Read More

Anna talks to icelandic artist and musician Egill Sæbjörnsson, who lives in Berlin and combines elements of installation and performance, video and live music in his works and brasilian actress and director Marcia Moraes. In complex, poetically narrative ...Read More

PLAYLIST/ARTISTS : Hakki Bulut,Wadadda,2/5bz,Mahsuni Serif,Selda,Anti-HES /Aksu / Hemsin ,Brygada Kryzys,Ankarali NAmik,El-Mahdy,Nizamettin Aric,Simin Ghadiri,Aziz Nesin .......... isyanbul (istanbul-resistance) is about the struggle of gozel radio characters with the new measures of securitization with microchips, implantable in humans or id cards, the undisputable acceptance ...Read More