jetlag“In the sand I was in my element, letting it trickle between my fingers, scooping holes that I filled in a moment later or that filled themselves in, flinging it in the air by handfuls, rolling in it. And in the cave, lit by the beacons at night, I knew what to do in order to be no worse off than elsewhere. And that my land went no further, in one direction at least, did not displease me. And to feel there was one direction at least in which I could go no further, without first getting wet, then drowned, was a blessing. For I have always said, First learn to walk, then you can take swimming lessons. But don’t imagine my region ended at the coast, that would be a grave mistake. For it was this sea too, its reefs and distant islands, its hidden depths. And I too once went forth on it, in a sort of oarless skiff, but I paddled with an old piece of driftwood. And I sometimes wonder if I ever came back from that voyage. “
- Samuel Becket, “Molloy”

By DJ Seeks Same

Featuring the sounds of:

Ake Parmerud- Grains of Voices
Bernstein Conducts - On the Waterfront
Telepherique - Was Kannst du Hoeren?
Anne Lockwood - Water Gong
Alva Noto/Ryuichi Sakamoto - Noon
Severed Heads - Car Advertisement
Bill Nelson - Dada Guitarre
Visage - Visage (dance mix)
Boris Murashkin - Bio Energetic Music - Kama Sutra
Field recording by SOFAR Channel - Carlsbad Caverns NM/Grand Room Cave
Ram Dhani and party - Ahir Song
Concentrick - AB/7A
Can - Ibis