Interview by: Johnny Hiller / Voices Collective from Lasermagnetic & Tropical Spacemachine Radio Show on

What follows is an in-depth interview with legendary Disco DJ Bobby Viteritti who was best known as the house DJ at Trocadero Transfer in San Francisco, California. While making a name for himself on the West Coast, Bobby’s roots were in the Long Island suburbs of New York City along with the likes of fellow Disco DJ’s, Howard Merritt, Wayne Scott, Roy Thode, Bob Lombardi and others. While Bobby Viteritti can come across as a tough New Yorker and almost appear inaccessible, we really hit it off during our talks and delved into many areas of his DJ career including the why, the how and even his dreams and fears. If you were privy to being a part of his audience then you’ll certainly want to get inside his head and find out what makes him tick. Even if you weren’t there, you’ll want to read on to understand what the hoopla was all about and find out what drives a DJ to create the ultimate atmosphere for his audience. ”

Billy is interviewed by Johnny Hiller of the voices collective. The show is hosted as a collaboration with London/Paris.