Hosted by Steve Morell
new_taste_13_2Steve Morell is going to present, introduce and point out to the listeners new music. Music which is new on the spot, which he got sent, which he is playing in his sets or just which is it worth to be listened to and which he don´t want to withhold to his listeners. Music from his own label / distribution (Pale Music Int.) or music from other friends labels or Artists he got sent. Its a not regular format as the normal “ Zero Hour” program has to happen as well. But tonight he has to do already the thirdteen´s episode because there is coming so much good music out in the moment that he really have to present it.

After thousands of listeners life and more than 1000 listeners on the soundcloud podcast of the last “Zero Hour´s”, Steve Morell comes up this time with a spezial show which he dedicates to Love.

Play List The Zero Hour #13 – The Love Issue

01 – The Zero Hour – Radio Jingle
02  – The Beatles – All You Need Is Love (Apple)
03 – Planning To Rock – Going Wrong (DFA)
04 – P.J. Harvey – To Bring You My Love (Island)
05 – Patti Smith – We Three (Arista)
06 – Can – Mary, Mary So Contrary (Sound Factory Records)
07 – It´s Been So Long – Steve Morell & Monica Pokorna (Pale Music Int.)
08 – Roxy Music – No Strange Delight (EG Records)
09 – John Lennon – I´m Losing you (Geffen)
10 – Yoko Ono – I´m moving on (Geffen)
11 – Yeah Yeah Yeah´s – Pin (Interscope)
12 – Planning To Rock – I´m Yr Man (DFA)
13 – David Bowie – What  In The World (RCA)
14 – Anita Lane – Do The Kamasutra (Mute)
15 – Planning To Rock – The Breaks (DFA
16 – Culture Club – Victims (Virgin)