On this weeks episode of Now Hear this, Paula Varjack goes behind the scenes of monthly comedy night:  Comedy in S.I.N, an. English-language standup comedy showcase occurring every month (and now weekly on a trial basis) at the S.I.N. Bar in Kreuzberg. Founded by comedians Paul Salamone and Rey Melara in 2009, it features an international mix of new and established acts from all over the world. More information: or on Facebook:

Two Comedy S.i.n regulars, Drew Portnoy and James Harris, chat with Paula about the nature of performing english/american comedy in Germany, whether any subject can be too offensive to be truly funny, and  how a skilled sense of humour can make you more attractive than most.

Ending the show, a short set from a Berlin based rapper straight outta Ireland. Big Stu, taking on a range of non-conventional subjects with verbal dexterity, from recipes to triangles to Mick Hucknall.
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Drew Portnoy is an American comedian who fled to Berlin from Denver in a previous decade and has discovered he can do two things well in this life: procreate and speak German. Both are done best in moderation. They’re also the focus of his comedy and the cause of his gray hairs.

Originally from Nottingham, and resident in Berlin as of seven years, James Harris is a writer and comedian. He works as a tour guide, translator and performs stand-up in English and German, often at the same time. In January 2011 he completed his miniature poetry blog, ‘The Four Line Blog’, available at the address below.

Remember old skool rap? It was first and foremost about enjoyment, about telling stories with a head bouncing flow, a la Slick Rick, Tribe called Quest etc. There was an innocence, a fun that has been lost in the genre. Big Stu is here to bring it back, “I want to enjoy myself and in doing that I want you to  enjoy me enjoying myself so we can all, well, enjoy ourselves together .For each song I make a video and this enjoyment manifesto is what they’re all about

i like to kiss and tell…”