In Yoruba spiritual traditions (contemporary Ghana, Togo, Benin, and
Nigeria) as well as its descendant Afro-diasporic faiths like Vodou,
Santeria/Lukumi and Candomble, Eshu is an important Orisha.

divine messenger between Gods and Man, Eshu is the gatekeeper,
protector of travelers, guardian of the Crossroads, offering choices and
reveals possibilities.

Often identified by the number three,
and the colours red & black, Eshu represents the balance of nature,
Day and night, creation and destruction, old age and youth.

more than conduit between this and other worlds, Eshu is also a spirit
of Chaos and a devious trickster, playing games and serving up mischief
with the ultimate aim of waking people up and teaching them lessons.

in the spirit of Eshu, FUSION 3 represents the balance between
traditional and modern, “east” and “west”, listening and dancing. This
mashup album stands at the crossroads between the musical worlds of
Yoruba talking steel drums, Cuban piano, Indonesian Gamelan, Cameroon
Mbira (thumb piano), Black Panther poetry, South African Jazz, etc., and
the House and Techno club sounds of today.

I think it will play a few tricks on minds which insist on seeing the world in discontinuously separate compartments.