Space Station - Theo Parrish
Cosmic Sound Orchestra - Fly Some Funk Up To The Moon
Free And Easy (Instrumental) - Plush
Zwei(Dub Version) - Electric mind
The Land Of Hunger (Dub Version) - Earons
The Kee Tha Tha - Five Letters
Running Away- Roy Ayers
Black Sun - Black Sun
Space Princess - Lonnie Liston Smith
Step On Out - Companion / Boris Midney
1979 It’s Dancing Time - Revanche
The Ultimate Warlord - The Immortals
I’m a man - Star City
I’m a man - Macho
Walk The Night - The Skatt Bros
Have A Cigar - Rosebud
Wishbone - Tantra
Making Love Will Keep You Fit - Brenda Harris
I’m Gonna Dance - Asha Phutli
a street that rhymes at 6am - Norma Tanega