Playlist ; Lieber Afrikaner / K.O.F.Y. / Mugabe Lunch / Koenjihyakkei / Vizyoner Sinan / Beğenal / Robotlar / 5'dir / Gogosh / Zeki Muren / Kahrolasi Diktatorler / Minor Threat / Aziz Nesin / Virus ...Read More

Dem Ernst des Anstoßes Ausdruck verleihen. Hintergründiges, Problematisches. We'll listen and see. Verbindungsaufbau zu / London  - Grime - and more... ! Listen to us on or 88,4MHz in Berlin! Sunday 8-9 pm. ...Read More

Lady Sunshine & Mrs Moon in "Teenage Flashback Vol 1 " Panda and Manou put on their pink and shiny sausage suits to present 60 min of musical embarrassments of adolescence Hit the road from total ...Read More

During the Festival Über Lebenskunst at the House of World Cultures Diana McCarty Interviewed the Berlin artist,  Christoph Keller, about his work Helioflex, Sun Mirrors for Dark Urban Habitations (like Berlin) and the ...Read More

Hearts /Minds by Matt Middleton produced by Radio One 91 Fm, Dundedin [HEARTS/MINDS] a new sound/media art composition by Matthew Middleton crafted in the lead up to the 2011 New Zealand parliamentary elections, Hearts/Minds explores how media language influences public opinion ...Read More