Farbfernseher Lightbulb Installationtonight’s radio show comes by a bar plus micro-dancefloor located in a former tv shop  in Skalitzerstr. Kreuzberg. farbfernseher! we hope to hear them again here on reboot.fm

Our next guest for Welcome To The Room is a very special Berlin resident, who has been setting salted dance floors alight across the city and will also be playing at the re-opening of Farbfernseher tonight - Hunee!

We spent a nice couple of hours in the new club chatting with him about his life and travels.Make sure you check out his blog Hunch Music http://hunchmusic.wordpress.com/ where you will find a number of delights including mixes by Hunee, his Holy Water party info and plenty of tracks.

We hope you enjoy it!
Sarah & Anastasia (Photo credit)
Michal Kowalczyk (Sound Engineer)

and here’s a bonus mix if you like to listen to more:

Hunee writes:

This mix was done in difficult times, under strange circumstances, aiming for things i don’t fully understand. Anyhow, like a lot of mixes i like, it’s a condensed piece of a club night - setting, building, pacing, peaking, deepening, and releasing…