and-the-sun-came-up1October 26th, by Béatrice André for Kanal 103, Skopje

Welcome to my October 26th, 2011. A baby, pedestrian streets, danse and art performances. All sounds are extracted from recordings of this very day, in a circle of one kilometre in the very centre of Macedonian capital city. Partly collective, as people from the old town got involved in the direction the microphone took, as well as Swedish performers, arrived for a festival in Macedonia.

And the Sun Came Out, by Nicolas Perret and Cedric Anglaret for Radio Grenouille, Marseilles,

And the sun came up is the first sound piece of a project which, since 2010, focuses on the soundscape of the small Russian village of Paanajärvi. Isolated in the thick primary forest of oriental Karelia, Paanajärvi is somehow living out of the time and its inhabitants -among them the latest of the disappearing Karelian culture – live a tough life strongly bond to their environment.