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"Analfabet/Elements of soundpoetry" is the title of my work-in-progress live-program of soundpoetry and minimal spoken word. The pieces are a combination of written composition and improvisation. I am using a loop pedal to create strong repetitive-rhythmic patterns ...Read More

"Piko Be's Religion'n'Roll Radio - Tobias Yves Zintel, Pollyester, Polyversal Souls" Impressions of St. Agnes in Berlin, Kreuzberg - rent by a congregation named "Citykirche". Memories of The Church Of The Little Green Man - a gathering place for artists and outlaws. Sounds ...Read More

Piko Be in "Der Würgeengel von Kreuzkölln" Zweiter von drei Beiträgen für den Sunday Service "Religion'n'Roll Radio" vom Autor und 
Musiker Federico Sánchez aka Piko Be (Kamerakino / Das Weiße Pferd / Kein Land für alte Dichter u.a.). Assistenz: ...Read More