radia_logo1501114Life and Death of Arissat-1
by Reni Hofmüller, Produced by Radio Helsinki, Graz

On August 3rd, 2011, Arissat-1 was launched directly from the ISS, the International Space Station. NASA TV broadcast this life over the internet, and thousands of people worldwide watched the deployment, and after that followed the first amateur radio satellite launched from a vehicle in space. After only a short life time, Arissat-1 was heard for the last time on Jan, 4th 2011. As we are going to undergo a similar procedure with mursat1, regarding a shortlife time, and very short and quick passes over head, Arissat-1 was a good way to learn about satellite spotting.

music for animals
by Ralf Wendt, Produced by Radio Corax, Halle

developed for live-performance in october 2011, inside the festival kunst fuer tiere for Zoopark – these files are parts of longer compositions for different beasts in the zoopark. We listen to sounds for elefants, chile-flamngos, Humboldt-penguins, seabears, Degus, Waldrapps- northern bald Ibis, snow-owls, other owls and falcons. Wendt works in Halle and often due to the human beast or the imagination of zoo-nature and city-nature.