Who's bad? Charlie Sheen vs. Muammar al-Gaddafi – Wie die beiden mächtigsten und beliebtesten Männer der Welt aus der Gnade fielen. Live aus einer zum Krankenzimmer umgebauten First-Class-Lounge einer Boing 747-800, die – aus Hollywood kommend – am ...Read More

With DJ SEEKS SAME "Folklore in _____ states their first Kings came from Heaven; Adepts believe the sands of the ____ desert shroud a fantastic civilization buried long ago. Abandoned in the jungle of _______ the massive ruins of ______, temples ...Read More

Berlinale Special II. Die Lage: Revision der Berlinale 2012 mit Andreas Hahn (Junge Welt) von Alexis Waltz Read More

Hito Steyerl & Kornelia Kugler discuss: NOW! (Extended). *A Copy in Motion *A show by participants of the lensbased class at UdK Berlin facilitated by Hito Steyerl The show focusses on a legendary Third Cinema short ...Read More

free103point9’s contribution to the Radia network comes from a fundraiser for its FM station, WGXC, last summer, with “Radio Readings” from Max Goldfarb and Brian Dewan, Alison Knowles  and Hugh Dancy. The readings, in order of appearance: • Artists Max ...Read More