Folklore in _____ states their first Kings came from Heaven; Adepts believe the sands of the ____ desert shroud a fantastic civilization buried long ago. Abandoned in the jungle of _______ the massive ruins of ______, temples and towers more than a hundred feet high rivaling the grandeur of ____________; like the great ________ temple of _____ in ______, the impressive sculptures on the walls include Gods with Wings, there are intriguing representations of the ‘man-fish’, ______, the teacher of the ___________, a Being from Space. The oldest part of ________ may date from dim Antiquity, many figures evoke ________ monuments and _______ tablets, some images resemble ________ and ____________, worshiped in _______ ages ago. ” — piecemeal excert from Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient East, by W Raymond Drake, 1968

Featuring the music of:
Zoviet France-Chirm Geis
Lo Vid - The Fall of Glome Mountain
La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela - “82VII 15 c. 6:35-7:35 PM +c. 6:37-6:52PM NYC
Terry Riley- Bird of Paradise (Part 4)
Tuxedomoon - Lowlands Tone Poem
Ruth White - Mists and Rains
Jon Hassell - Viva Shona
Ursula Bogner - Speichen
Ryuichi Sakamoto -Relache
Luc Ferrari- Music Promenade