crystalThe absolute silence of the vegetation along the banks and the deep prismatic glow almost convinced him that the entire earth had been
transformed and that any progress through this crystal world had become pointless.

J.G. Ballard, The Crystal World

The Crystal World Open Laboratory, a collective experimental situation convened in early February as part of CTM12, embarked on an often
dangerous through the darkening, crystalline jungle of our synthesised dystopic digital world in search of new geologies. Over the course of
six days, around ten participants explored and expanded processes such as high heat synthetic geology, anthropocenic fossilizations, water
crystal cryptography, kirlian photography, hi-voltage fulgurite construction, odic diffractions, and the ingestion of colloidals to stem the contemporary plague.

Martin Howse is joined by fellow crystal worlder Jonathan Kemp (from London) to describe, discuss and thus expose The Crystal World. In
fine Sunday Roast tradition, the show will close with a live computational grilling.ry