angie-183x1852Venus Rising/Supersubsonic! What does it mean? We don’t REALLY know - and we like it like that! Call it a melange of melodies not so melodic? Yes, do and while you’re at it rethink your tastes! Consider a wave of… what? Disco? Yeah! Punk? Yeah! Maybe Metal? On the gas pedal! Electro? Not ‘heck no’! Retro? Yo! Rap? Yes, on the map! Whatever? Sounds good! The sound buffet provides for the ear fangs of the hungry, but we don’t tie ourselves down to any specific genres and I probably won’t get political on anybody’s ass! Your hearing will be hi-jacked however, even against your will! Polly gets a cracker when VENUS RISING/SUPER-SUB-SONIC is on the radar with hostess Angie Reed and co-captan Boris Gotobed!