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Incountry’s environment of toolerance and dialogue, this time, another accident happens in a coal mine. The utmost authority decrees: “it is in the nature, in the destiny of this event.” And adds: “I say it is in this occupation’s destiny. Nobody’s mental capabilities and intellectual depth is enough to discuss this issue out of this context. Why not? Because, if you do not have faith in destiny, then I have nothing to discuss with you.”
In other words, no one can dare to sweep the wide-spread affluence under the rug, and those bother to open up their mouths against the unconcealed upturn, are naturally knocked out of the government’s faith-bound decree rocket; before they even see the stratosphere, they plunk.
The utmost authority thinks the best for all of us, only he can say what is in our destiny. He is omniscient, and hence a superman, and us, mortal souls are expected to bow and scrape in the presence of his Excellency. As it is in the decree, the country takes an undeterred upturn on a global scale to the benefit of everybody. Yet, how can a reckless optimism and a consenting with foreseeable destiny go hand in hand, and that intimately? What sort of an elixir is it that these supermen are making us drink, and drink peacefully?
In this pretty environment of toolerance and dialogue, a wise old saint from the fifth dimension enters the scene. He haunts those who happen to forget the virtues of the decree, in their dreams. He gives a Mevlana Rumi capsule to those who could not catch up with the ultimate quality of life. For those who could wait patiently for that dream to come true, he presents the global Lost church, where the gates to the secret open up and fill the environment with holy light, the living and the dead smile in delight. “You just want it” in this life, or the next life, maybe the past life. “Love” saves us all, and it saves its author more than all.
These palaverel tales are ineliminable. Those looking for fresh air get a black smoke, and the black smoke does fill every hole. So said optimism is but a new holy wine in old bottles. We think positive, things turn positive, and more, your soul mate enters the room, you take good vibes, things go excellently… If not “that is the destiny”, what else can we do, “there must be a divine wisdom to it” in every single geography. But, whose pockets is it that this wisdom is filling? Who is subjugated to whose power, for he has a divine wisdom accompanying to it?
Those natural born good souls, those innately positive-thinking brains, once pushed with scientific proof, sees a silver lining in every dawn. As a transformer, they never give up spreading good vibes, posivitiy is never gone. They are never late for their periodic aura cleansing, nor forget the daily antidepressant wax for their grinning faces. After all, buy a cosmic charm with the state and mafia subsidy, get an aura cleansing, and it is free for all ages.
Those born-flawed, less positive, lower souls are rapidly taught to think positive, become the owner of his own boat to sail in blurry waters. Their brains are formatted to get ready for uploading new programs, with the books, cassettes, seminars, natural stones, healing waters, colors of the worst kind and matter. The toll-manufacturing of those biometrically-beautiful on the outside, spiritually-beautiful on the inside are undertaken with utmost care, and it is rated high. The words of fresh liberalism’s iron lady ring once again in our ears: “there is no such thing as society” but individuals. Then on, the individuals are wind up for power, strength, self-esteem, and endeavor for a better standard of living. It only comes through positive thinking. As the value of the individual is calculated by his consumption scheme, the posetive are entitled to more, ever more, and the best of everything. It is so said that these individuals also are capable of changing the world, not by acting, but only through positive thinking. They learn its rules, they put them into effect, and they try to come over the difficulties. Yet, at the same time, as the rules dictate, they turn a blind eye to those having their own objections to the injustices. Objection brings negative vibes, and so do the facts of life, especially when it is not the happy news, pleasant events, and merry happenings.
The companies that “think big” can maximize their profit, with the motivation of their employees. With positive thinking, and a posetive world-view, the success is guaranteed. Then “if you are not successful enough, it is because you have not wanted enough.” The “individuals that think big” and the “firms that think big” take it as their natural right to destruct, destroy, and kill. “Doing what it takes” is already a sign of wanting enough.
Those who foresee the upturn, those who put their faith in this foreseeable destiny win a free pass to universes. Those who cannot free pass, see a text message in their mobile devices: “Unemployment is a virtual problem”, with the message fee already paid by the unemployed masses. It is expected that those who read the message are instantaneously enlightened, and pass to the palaverel universe. In this palaverel universe, it is advised that you listen to those who appear every second, think the best for you, and say “you will be bosses in the future, why bother the workers”. It is advised that you love thyself, and maybe go for a television program to receive positive vibes from the one you love. Indeed, poverty, crisis, running amok, death is only tangent to the positive thinking individuals, as they feed themselves with motivation, sustain a living with self-esteem.
Last but not least, Spam Usta News Agency reports from the tangent universe: “Here, the statement “destiny is but a moment” is widely heard in respectable scientific circles. With the destiny engine in the computer games, the fresh ottoman is fueled in Turkish and flying in African, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian skies –the omniscient sultans once again purr with delight. Security is maintained with public order sodas. The skies are filled with shopping malls. “For You”s sell cosmic food supplements, wankers’ generation antidepressants. Those who take the pills are relieved of the troubles of pessimism and critical thinking. Dissent has evaporated. As everyone is after happy news, pleasant activities, merry happenings, censorship has already retired to an Aegean village, and is busy with running b&b, night club, biennial… The ones who begrudge the cosmic pills are after getting a job as a democratic tiger keeper in Anatolia.” “VIP GUANTUM LOGISTICS. YOUR AUROS ARE HANDLED WITH CARE.” (adv)