The Zero Hour #22: New Releases & Favorite Spring Tunes Hosted by Steve Morell Steve Morell is going to present, introduce and point out to the listeners new music. Music which is new on the ...Read More

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Sehr geehrter Betrachter, vielen Dank für die Einladung und das Vertrauen, dass Sie uns entgegen bringen. Nach einer ausgiebigen Findungsphase, die wir zu fünft mit Fragen an Werk, Raum, Betrachter, Umstand, Zweck und den ...Read More

Radio Round Table, 20th of May, 18-19h, KW ArtWiki Room Art & Economy - with Maria Byk, Stefan Heidenreich, Matteo Pasquinelli, Caleb Waldorf, Joanna Warsza moderated by Pit Schultz the artist as a role model for ...Read More

The Radia Network emerged from a series of meetings, clandestine events, late night club discussions and a lot of email exchanges between cultural radio producers across Europe. The topics vary and the reasons for forming a network are many, but ...Read More