Radio Round Table, 20th of May, 18-19h, KW ArtWiki Room

Art & Economy - with Maria Byk, Stefan Heidenreich, Matteo Pasquinelli, Caleb Waldorf, Joanna Warsza
moderated by Pit Schultz

the artist as a role model for the creative industry marks a transformation of the field of artistic production from the creation
of auratic originals to the heterogenic strategies of applied arts, speculatory self-management, and a bluring of domains and skills. how does the art market relate to the larger economy? which role do digital commons, internet and copyright play? how should public institutions legitimize within a market driven paradigm? the guests will discuss in a open coffee table situation, where visitors can join on site, on air, and online. twitter: @rebootfm

*** Jour Fixe - Wöchentliche Live Übertragung / weekly live broadcasts
Broadcast: 18-19.00 on 88.4 Mhz /
KW Berlin ArtWiki Room Fronthouse 1. Floor