Archipelago - a game for artists and curators Sunday, 3rd of june 5p.m. at KW-Berlin Anke Westermann presents a boardgame for five persons based on found digital pictures of artworks. The players aim is to populate ...Read More

with DJ SEEKS SAME La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela – 23 VII 64 2:50:45-3:11 AM The Volga Delta SPK – Culturecide Malaria- Zarah Ursula Bogner – 2ton Klaus Nomi – Keys of Life Ponchak cassettes Cortex C Papiro – Electronic ...Read More

Focused on a series of recordings conducted in and around a certain, infamous Parisian road tunnel, this substrat installment attempts to establish a link between electronic voice phenomena (EVP), Rilke's geo-phonographic imagination and ...Read More

The Radia Network emerged from a series of meetings, clandestine events, late night club discussions and a lot of email exchanges between cultural radio producers across Europe. The topics vary and the reasons for forming a network are many, but ...Read More