Which narratives in our society do you want to get rid of?
Von welchen Vorstellungen in unserer Gesellschaft möchtest du dich gerne trennen?

Wir haben so viele Vorstellungen und Narrative im Kopf, die unser Handeln beeinflussen und begrenzen, die aber vielfach weder wahr noch nötig sind.

Ich habe die Performance “Waiting Room” ( zum Anlass genommen, Besucher zum Thema zu interviewen. Und berichte über die Ergebnisse in dieser Show. Auf deutsch + englisch.

Mit Musik. Am Mikrofon Andrea Goetzke.

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Handzettel für die Teilnehmer des Waiting Room:

::: Psychological Cleaning Exercise :::

Narratives in our heads and in the world
that control our actions and that are probably not true 



I recently made a list of all narratives in my own life that were not true, but constantly influencing my actions, decisions etc. In a way of psychological cleaning exercise. Which was really good. 

There are so many of these narratives in society, the world. Basically everything, that we / many people take for granted, but that are not a natural given. That can be changed. And that maybe one day we get rid of. And maybe laugh looking backwards what we believed in.

To illustrate, on a personal level, this can be something like: I cannot control my thoughts. I need to have a kid. I am much more intelligent and cool than others think I am. 

On the level of society, this can be: We all need jobs. A car is a symbol of status. If we don’t have economic growth, our systems will all go under. Transsexualism is a mental disorder.


Interview Topic

Which narrative in our society do you want to get rid of?


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