hoodoo Oliver Hardt & Manthia Diawara their films and filmmaking with Diana McCarty. The topics shift between Africa, slavery, black studies and more. Oh, and of course, Hoodoo. Édouard Glissant – Un Monde en Relation (One World in Relation) -Diawara & The United States of Hoodoo - Hardt THE UNITED STATES OF HOODOO (Oliver Hardt) A road trip to the spiritual sources of black American culture The United States of Hoodoo is a film about how African based spirituality has influenced America´s popular culture. The old African gods have taken on new forms since their arrival on North America’s shores. Their spirit now manifests itself in turn-table wizardry, improvisational skills and mind-blowing collages, rituals and performances. The film shakes up traditional and stereotypical ways of thinking about race, religion, rationality. Through meetings with musicians, writers and artists, miracle healers, gumbo cooks and Mississippi Blues men, this documentary explores a culture which has always drawn on a unique mix of different ethnic influences to produce its cultural diversity, allure, and vitality. http://unitedstatesofhoodoo.tumblr.com/ http://vimeo.com/43968863 https://www.facebook.com/UnitedStatesOfHoodooDE Édouard Glissant – Un Monde en Relation (One World in Relation) (Manthia Diawara) The philosopher, essayist and cultural theorist Édouard Glissant is considered a forerunner of thinking on globalization and a world of diversity and interrelations. The documentary film “Un Monde en Relation“ by Manthia Diawara accompanies the late Glissant, who died last year, as he speaks about the poetry of relations. It compiles a mosaic of conversations between the philosopher and the filmmaker on their sea voyage to Glissant’s native Martinique as they explore our understanding of relation. In the interviews, Glissant clarifies his theory of globality as a continual process of relating. Édouard Glissant – Un Monde en Relation (One World in Relation) D: Manthia Diawara USA/Mali 2010, 52 min, French with English subtitles Relation is a space which does not relate this with that, rather everything with everything – that was how Édouard Glissant described his poetry of diversity. Like no other, his essays developed a Utopian view of our world of diversity beyond homogenizing interventions – a nomadic and connecting way of thinking in an archipelago of differences. Following the screening of the documentary, film expert and director Manthia Diawara and the Kenyan writer and essayist Mũkoma wa Ngũgĩmaker discuss the collaborative cosmos opened up for contemporary south-south and other relations by Glissant’s thought.  http://www.hkw.de/en/programm/2012/wassermusik_2012/veranstaltungen_69235/veranstaltungsdetail_78388.php